XBLA Fans: Microbots Interview: Twin Stick Fun on a Cellular Level

"Microbot is a twin stick shooter that lets the player battle malicious viruses and diseases as a microscopic nanotech robot injected into someone’s bloodstream. As players travel travel through veins, bones, lungs and other organs, they can collected data fragments that allows them to customize their microbot with powerful weapons, defensive systems, movement parts, and special abilities. What got yours truly’s blood pumping about this title, is the planned cooperative drop-in/drop-out mode."

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cain1412869d ago

Haha dear god please don't try to learn micro biology from a twin stick shooter...

Gamesauce2869d ago

THere's just never enough co-op games on XBLA!

Glenn ZA2869d ago

Haha Cain141, micro biology. NO...

Travelling in the bloodstream, interesting concept though!

randomlyrossy2869d ago

Surprised it's taken this long for someone to use the Inner Space concept in a video game.