Resistance 3 Trailer Dissected: Weapons

A look at the new weapons in Resistance 3, and the old weapons that appeared in Resistance 2.

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lalalala2918d ago

HUGE difference on the carbine, I wonder if it even is the carbine at all, even though there are some similarities.

Rival_312917d ago

If it is the carbine then it has a new 3 burst shot like shown in the video. I just want a demo already!

ABizzel12917d ago

There's a huge difference in everything. The artstyle, the character models (well so far the Grims), the weapons, the environment all look much more detailed, and worthy of PS3 graphical praise. I also like the old film look filter they're using, it makes it feel more 1950's. Sony is going to kick @$$ 2011 Resistance 3, Uncharted 3, Infamous 2, Killzone 3, Twisted Metal, Last Guardian, LBP2, Mass Effect 2, MLB 11. This is going to be an incredible year to own a PS3, and everyone should own a PS3 by the end of the year.

IronFist2918d ago

I wonder whether they'll have something like the RYNO in it, that would be awesome.

MidnytRain2917d ago

We can only hope. Though the W.A.S.P. in KZ3 seems like it can fill that void. :)

bananlol2917d ago

I dont know about that, have you used the ryno 5? That thing is well...over the top to say the least. Still not as overpowered as the ryno 4, but thats splitting hairs.

HolyOrangeCows2918d ago

I'm curious about the hammer. I doubt that they would have that part in the trailer if it's not going to be a part of the game.

rbluetank2918d ago

i think the shotgun blast blow up the R3 monster jetpack and not a grenade shotgun blast.... the jetpack had a late explodesion. the game looks killer!!! i am very proud of the game so far... FYI i do not like Capelli.. i still believe in Nathan!!! lol yes, he is dead???

Greek God2917d ago

I hope he returns and kill Capelli ROLF

BatClarkeee2917d ago

ah i am so happy that the weapon wheel is returning in r3.
twas a sadly missed feature in r2

beavis4play2917d ago

agreed - it was a HUGE mistake to take it out of resistance2.

bananlol2917d ago

Perhaps, but i dont think iit would have worked that well with the r2 level design. That said, if the rumors are true and r3 is more of a survival game then the weapon-wheel will fit perfectly.

beavis4play2917d ago

i'll give you that - it may not have fit R2 as well as it did R1. but, i'll tell ya what- i sure liked having it in 1 more than not having it in 2!
thanks for the reply.

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