How the 360 has survived gives us an in depth look at what has kept the 360 alive even after all the hardware failures.

"Since the debut of the original Xbox, Microsoft has made a name for itself in the game industry. Rivaling such greats as Nintendo, Sega and even Sony. Although success has been minimal, there is not a gamer around who has not heard of, if not played and Xbox game. The hardware was solid, the games were intriguing to say the least and developers began to..."

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SF49er4084059d ago

playing consistenly good games. i dont know but having graw, oblivion, saints row, crackdown, call of duty 2, gears, and gta3 before the ps3 even out was pretty sick. i thought saints row was addicting more so then bioshock. same with crackdown

PStriple7034059d ago

how long it will survive...

sak5004059d ago (Edited 4059d ago )

Dont worry it will, long after ps3.

Edit: @fart Yep right..thanks to you. Now take all of it and gO back to your pees3 stories troll.

AllroundGamer4059d ago

you must be new in the console world, cause everybody else knows how it was with the old xbox...
xbox - was maybe 5 years max
PS2 - 8 years + still running and outselling both the oldgen and nextgen xbox :P

BigFART4059d ago

The sh!t is getting deep in here...

BloodySinner4059d ago

"PS2 - 8 years + still running and outselling nextgen playstation :P"

i Shank u4059d ago

ps2 outsells the ps3 by an even bigger margin then it does 360, which IMO is a problem for sony. and all those people that have just gotten a ps2 recently, they are not going to want to upgrade for awhile, especially when they just paid around $129 for that ps2 and the ps3 is $500

AngryTypingGuy4059d ago

It will survive until Microsoft decides it's not worth making games for anymore, same with the other two systems. Which one will have the longest shelf life? According to Sony, they're expecting the PS3 to stick around for a decade. The PS3 must pick up steam in order for it to do so.

Hopefully Microsoft will opt to keep the 360 alive for awhile even after the neXt Box comes out. It will have a big enough install base that it would make sense to do so.

I'm guessing that despite its popularity, the Wii will have the shortest shelf life due to outdated technology. I'm willing to bet that Nintendo will make an HD-Wii in the next few years, after the hype dies down.

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Lakuspakus4059d ago

I predict a fanboy will come and leave a really idiotic comment within the hour...

BigFART4059d ago

The 360 is that good enough for ya?

Clinton5144059d ago

Dramatizing what doesn't need drama.

jcgamer4059d ago (Edited 4059d ago )

you think us 360 owners are lying? If you think so, that is very disappointing for GAMERS...that's what we are, right? I've played some incredible games on my 360... It's time to end this "war" stuff...Playstation fans SHOULD be excited for PS3...that is where you and over 200 MILLION found your nostalgia and gaming goodness...but there is a certain word available in the english language called an "alternative." What's wrong with that? This is my FAVORITE generation since the early 90's (SNES/Genesis) feels like all 3 consoles are DIFFERENT and can co-exist...oh, excuse me...WILL co-exist...if the 360 can survive the RROD issue, it can survive ANYTHING...I'm ps360, and may get the Wii down the road...just not anytime soon...cheers to gaming...

and to all that disagreed: that truly shows that there are people who like to be divided and love fanboy wars...which is absolutely a man or a gal and at least tell me WHY you disagree...what will that do for me if I can't hear your feedback...

Bordel_19004059d ago (Edited 4059d ago )

Don't know why you are getting many disagree's. I pretty much agree with you. It's good that people have a choice, it would not be in us gamers interrest that there was only one brand I think. Though devs would probably like that, but pushing consoles further, innovation, pricing etc. we'd loose out on that part.

Juggalo4059d ago

Nice post mate, i agree with you... You deserve a bubble.. :))

jcgamer4059d ago (Edited 4059d ago )

good or bad, I appreciate it...

Ahmadinejad4059d ago

Good to see some mature and intelligent discussion taking place here rather than the usual 13 year old rambling about xbox this or ps3 that

gta_cb4059d ago

nice post, deserves a bubble from me as well. at the people who disagreed with him, you are the people that shouldnt be allowed an internet connection IMO

BLACKJACK VII4059d ago (Edited 4059d ago )

Excellent post from a man who owns both a PS3 & an Xbox 360.

" think us 360 owners are lying? If you think so, that is very disappointing for GAMERS...that's what we are, right? I've played some incredible games on my 360... It's time to end this "war" stuff...Playstation fans SHOULD be excited for PS3..."

Well said. Looks like you've already got enough bubbles to feed us all, but bubbles 4U anyway...

Viva la Denmark !!!

MANTIIS4059d ago

but the 360, while being a "truly great gaming machine, " is an unreliable piece of hardware. This fact detracts from its being truly great, for a console's integrity and quality of hardware is what completes a console at being "truly great." Fearing that your system could crash on you at any time<"but, duhhh, I haven't seen those red blinking lights for a whole week,">while you play, is not the experience one has on a "truly great" gaming console- I don't care how many great games it has. And anyone who disagrees, is a hypocrite who denies their own problems with the console (if you haven't yet, when you do <and you WILL> you'll understand the same frustration that 33% of a 12 million user base have endured).

eLiNeS4059d ago

I would rather have a broke down Xbox 360 that is covered for three years with Top Shelf AAA games then a PofS3 with nothing but a Trojan horse ready to drop dead and out of the war like where the PSP is headed.

JC, good post. I myself have the Wii60 and won't be getting a PofS3 for a long time if ever, I don't like what Sony has done with it and you can tell the rest of the world feels the same way or it would be steamrolling over the Wii60.

reaferfore204059d ago (Edited 4059d ago )

Yeah I've had fun on all three systems and don't understand why people have to focus on the negatives so much. Sure 360 has hardware problems, and sure PS3 doesn't have as many games (because it hasn't even been out a year). But to think you can't have fun playing something that you've never played before is ridiculous. Have you played Warhawk Elines? That may not be your genre, but in my opinion it is one of the best multiplayer experiences I've ever had. If you think "Halo will be better", does that mean you couldn't have fun playing this game at all just because it's on a "PofS3"?

Jen5en4059d ago

Who let the trolls out? Who, who who who?! Who let the trolls out?!

SlippyMadFrog4059d ago

A 33% failure rate means only 1 in 3 people get the error. It doesn't mean you WILL get the error. I havn't got the error just like many other people on this site. Tough luck to those who have though.

DeckUKold4059d ago

Just that the machine failure rate scares me

weazle4059d ago

I agree with you and competition is good for gaming. As long as they keep trying to outdo each other we all win. We end up with better games that way.

eLiNeS4058d ago (Edited 4058d ago )

Come on, does your Husband game?

secret4055d ago

Me am have quickie questiony. Why Biggest Power Brick but still overheating? What purpose of power brick? Me go now.

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