Forgotten Ruins: The Roots of Computer Role-Playing Games: Origin Systems

A look back at computer role-playing game giants during the '80s and '90s. This week: Origin Systems.

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Chris3992868d ago (Edited 2868d ago )

Oh, and the Dragonlace and old SSI D&D computer games. Friggn' awesome stuff. Like a lot of games, I thought that my fascination with the series stemmed from nostalgia. Go back and play them again and they wouldn't hold up so well. Not true. I'm on the second of the Dragonlance PC saga and the titles are brilliant. The only area in which a lot of these games are dated is graphics.

Story and sytems are top-notch. Developers could learn a thing or two about how to go back to their roots with these.

I really should Google SSI and see what happened to them. I'd be interested in seeing where the talent tricked.

Edit: Ubisoft bought them and dissolved the label :( Poo on you Ubi.

Paul_Gale2868d ago

Heh, talk about old school.

Saryk2868d ago

When I hear Origins I remember Wing Commander and System Shock, good ole days.