Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit - Patch 1.01 now live incl. free Cars

Criterion Games has released the first Patch (v.1.01 for Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit on Consoles. That contains the 3 free Cars from the YouTube Community Challenge.

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marioPSUC3496d ago

glad to see they are still giving us the free cars

archemides5183496d ago

does this garbage include wheel support? wake me up when it does :P

Rob Hornecker3495d ago

The free cars are a nice touch considering the game sucks! I was so stoked for this game when I saw it at E3 that it brought tears to my eyes and rushed over to Gamestop and plunked down my deposit for it. After playing the demo I figured that the handling issues of the car would be fixed upon release of the finished product.

Needless to say the cars still handle like junk! To me,the game is to much of a clone of burnout than a throw back to the NFS/HP of yesterday. Lets hope that NFS/shift 2 is better than this!

Anyone know what the patch fixed? This artical failed to mention anything about the patch!!!

GLoRyKnoT3495d ago

They r indeed an awesome bonus! :)