Donkey Kong Country Returns - HG review

HookedGamers writes: "Many once-successful iconic franchises have attempted a series reboot, usually to meet an embarrassing failure. I can think of a few off the top of my head, that in their glory days were the cream of the crop, but just do not fare well in this day and age. Once in a rare while do the tides of gaming part in miraculous fashion to shine perspective upon the industry, how to successfully reboot a fifteen-year-old franchise. Donkey Kong Country Returns is the best example of this in, possibly, all of gaming’s history. Retro studios were responsible for the Metroid Prime series, and this time have taken a classic beautiful formulaic design - that shouldn’t even be tinkered with - and have successfully rebirthed a classic franchise masterpiece for a new generation."

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eagle213500d ago

Someone needs to make a Donkey Kong dance I could do right "Do tha Donkey Kong!"