VGAs 2010: What A Load Of Rubbish

NowGamer: In the run up to and immediate aftermath of the VGAs, the videogame industry goes savagely Kurtz, abandoning rhyme and reason to remark endlessly on announcements made at an event widely known to be one the biggest wastes of time since waiting for Gran Turismo 5. It’s easy to see why: with the slew of new announcements, trailers, and celebrities savagely cutting their own dignity-trachea for some pounds, there’s plenty to talk about...

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awiseman2955d ago

I guess i was only rubbish when PS3 exclusives wernt on the screen right?

Rob Hornecker2955d ago

It did seem to favor the PS3 a bit ,didn't it??? Although I do see the author of the stories point. It wasn't the best VGA show I have ever seen!

Feckles2955d ago

Just a big industry love in if you ask me. And the whole Ass creed brotherhood/red dead thing was a joke.