Xbox 360 had No Games in 2010…Say What?

Gamingbolt: In this second part of our “Year in Review” series, we take a look at how Microsoft’s Xbox 360 performed throughout the year 2010. Against common belief, my analysis shows that the Xbox 360 had a great year as far as games were concerned. So let’s get started.

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Karooo2919d ago

Who said they had no games? nice headline

ubiquitious2919d ago (Edited 2919d ago )

And look what happened. 2010 was by far the year of the Xbox 360.
Mass Effect 2
Crackdown 2
Alan Wake
Fable III.

PS3 had a better than average year though. GOWIII and Heavy Rain.

This time last year all of N4G was saying 360 would have no games in 2010, just like they're saying about 2011. Let's just wait and see before we make those claims again. eh boys?

rroded2919d ago (Edited 2919d ago )

"no longer about hardcore games from Microsoft, it was all Kinect"

just saying i love manipulating quotes XD

ps thank the devs for all the epic multiplats but do we need another article about them....

MAJ0R2919d ago

why don't u name all PS3 exclusives in 2010 but u named all 360 ones?

ArtsyGamer2919d ago

Fable 3, Crackdown 2, and Alan Wake were all disappointments. An improved Mass Effect 2 is coming to the PS3 without all the nickel and diming.

-Alpha2919d ago (Edited 2919d ago )

This year was full of flops:

Alan Wake (expected AAA, game was watered down)
Crackdown 2 (AA, but got lower)
Final Fantasy 13 (AAA but ended up being AA)
Gran Turismo 5 (AAA but got AA)
Lost Planet 2
Fable 3 (AAA, but A-AA)
Epic Mickey
New Vegas

Say what you want, but those were heavily hyped titles that disappointed a lot of people. I know that "you show play the games", but I've read enough to see that fans, not the media, were disappointed with the titles. Not making any personal judgments on them personally, just pointing out that a significant amount of people noted their disappointments with the titles, especially when you consider the hype they got.

I wonder how many people who said AW, Fable, etc were disappointments actually played the game. I recall a lot of agreeing with reviews giving those games low scores and general passiveness. But when GT is said to be a disappointment people will disagree madly.

I think it's funny that some 360 fans are puzzled at why people say this about the 360. I know that many PS3 fans used the "360 has no games" line as sweet payback, and you can't blame them for it. Unfortunately this will just keep the cycle going and if the PS3 ever has a weaker year I expect to hear the same thing from 360 fans

I think the year has been a bit disappointing personally. Didn't enjoy games like Reach or Black Ops as much as I hyped myself to enjoy them. Played too many shooters this year and I feel sick for doing it

The 360 did have a good year. By no means was it the best, but their titles weren't bad. Lack of pushing new IPs, reliance on old titles, and focus on Kinect etc. are IMO the biggest faults.

catguykyou2919d ago

"An improved Mass Effect 2 is coming to the PS3 without all the nickel and diming. "

Sort of, not really though. While you can now pick up Mass Effect 2 on 360 for 17.99, you will have to pay 59.99 for Mass Effect 2 on PS3. Even if the PS3 version includes all the dlc, you are pretty much paying for all of it with the increased retail price.

Still a great buy for anyone who hasn't been able to get it thus far. Amazing game. Only good news that more people get to play it now.

Trebius2919d ago

Funny thing is ... no one's saying 360 had no games in 2010, everyone's saying 360 has no games in 2011. They got it mixed up.

nickjkl2919d ago (Edited 2919d ago )

Gran turismo 5
Modnation racers
3d dot game heroes
god of war 3
yakuza 3
mlb 10 the show
heavy rain

and thats not all of them

homer2919d ago

Mass Effect 2(multiplat)
Crackdown 2 (negative reviews)
Alan Wake (exclusive)
SC:C (multiplat)
Halo REACH (exclusive)
Fable III (multiplat)
You were saying?

BillOreilly2919d ago

mass effect 2
crackdown 2
alan wake
sc conviction
fable 3
divinity 2
99 nights 2
the dragon knight saga
kinect 15+

UNLOADEAD2919d ago

I read The article, I seriously couldn't stop my self from laughing.
Mass effect 2 also on pc soon to ps3, alan wake an decent game, Reach was Good, but kinect lolololololol

antz11042919d ago

Posting this on N4G is aking for flames. HIGHER, HIGHER DAMMIT!!

I do agree though; 360 (just like ps3) had a rwally good year. Multiplats shouldn't be excluded from either, they were on the damn system.

Theonik2919d ago

Sure it was filled with Multiplats, mediocre exclusive games and halo reach. Hardly what I'd call a solid line-up.

Aloren2919d ago

The sad thing is that some people still have nothing better to do than pointing out that X or Y game was not an exclusive.

So ? they were on 360, and guess what? that's the decisive criteria when you're in an article about games on 360.

darthv722919d ago

peoples perceptions are different. What may be considered a flop to one may not be to someone else. FF13 was panned by many and yet there are many who think it is great. No game is without its criticism. Just as no console is without it as well.

Exclusive or are games. If you buy them for your platform and play them and enjoy them then I would say that it is YOU that had the better year than others would proclaim.

Both platforms had some great games and some not so great. Again...that is opinion on the individual. Sales can only be used so much to reflect popularity but like many have stated. Sales =/= quality.

Motion2919d ago


People point out that a title is not an exclusive to those whom try to justify one system being better than another because of having said title.

Koolno2919d ago

"And look what happened. 2010 was by far the year of the Xbox 360. "

in you rdream, and don't forget GT5, MOVE (best motion controler) games, modnation racer, and others great titles you don't have.

Aloren2919d ago

@Motion Well, some people give a list of games they enjoyed cause they enjoyed them, not to say their system is superior.

No offense but this generation has seen far more superiority complexes than superior systems. And sales of all systems reflect this pretty well.

antz11042919d ago

@ Koolno, what does "2010 being 360's best year" have ANYTHING to do with GT5 or Move?

Weren't even trying to be stealthy with that troll, were ya?

captain-obvious2919d ago

saying that the 360 had no games is really stupid
but when you compare it to what the PS3 had

then you'll notice that the 360's list is a bit shorter

InTheKnow2919d ago

I'm not sure what the motivation or agenda is for this article but it seems to be not the truth.

I own all three consoles...the 360 was the only console I played this year and the only system with games that I bought.

Mass Effect 2
Metro 2033 ( great surprise )
Splinter Cell Conviction
Alan Wake
Crackdown 2
Halo Reach
Fable 3

That's a solid if not spectacular list. I own 4 of those games, bought day one. M$ still released Kinect and many games for that device AND still had time to roll out Windows 7 and making a push back into PC gaming.

What did Sony or Nintendo have and do???

Sony and the PS3 camp brag about FREE on-line and then Sony rolls out 2 games in God of War and Heavy Rain with NO on-line, co-op and not even any DLC...O_o

Worse year for PS3 owners...look at all the bad ports of games like RDR, Mafia 2...etc. Wait till you see what Rage, Crysis and Mass Effect look like on the PS3.

For a $150 360 console, you got to play the best games, with the best on line, with the best controller on the best closed.

Whats coming in 2011???...nobody knows for sure. In 2010, before E3 it was So-com, LBP, Res 3, the game with the big ugly bird, Agent and GT was gonna sell 10 did that turn out?

Lightsaber2919d ago

nickjkl wtf are you smokeing none of those god awful games were on the xbox.

MAJ0R thats not even close to a full list of xbox game and if you want to know about garbagestation 3 games why are you readin xbox articles

Theonik2919d ago (Edited 2919d ago )

@People saying "so they were on 360 so who cares"
Well see we are replying to a person who is claiming 2010 was the year of the 360, that could never be considered to be the case without good and diverse exclusive games, he's just asking to be flamed. That said neither HD console had a really great year imo, it was full of disappointments compared to '09 hell the Wii ended up being solid this year which most people would say is a hell freezing over scenario.

-Alpha2919d ago


I never said the games were bad. I'm sure many love those games, and with good reason. But I know many who were disappointed with how some of the games turned out, especially considering the legacy and amount of hype behind titles.

When I say flop I mean that they failed to achieve the high scores the game are expected to get

HolyOrangeCows2919d ago

"Who said they had no games?"

The fanboys, as invented by the "victim" trolls.

DigitalRaptor2919d ago (Edited 2919d ago )

Hey Bungie, You sure know what you're talking about don't you? /s

"I own all three consoles...the 360 was the only console I played this year and the only system with games that I bought."
Good for you!

"M$ still released Kinect and many games for that device AND still had time to roll out Windows 7 and making a push back into PC gaming. What did Sony or Nintendo have and do???"
A company has many different departments. Microsoft has their gaming divison (Xbox 360), OS and software division, and hardware/tech. They are all assigned different tasks and are separate entities.

Sony also has a gaming division (PS3, PSP, PS2 and new Sony Ericsson/PSPhone) consumer electronics such as MP3, TV, Sound Systems etc. They have Music, Films, and such to distribute and manage.

"Sony and the PS3 camp brag about FREE on-line and then Sony rolls out 2 games in God of War and Heavy Rain with NO on-line, co-op and not even any DLC...O_o"
So all games should have co-op and online for you to class them as being good? MY GOD how did you manage last gen? And those games did have DLC if you'd actually research before making stupid claims.

"For a $150 360 console, you got to play the best games, with the best on line, with the best controller on the best closed."
$150? NOPE... +$60 per year! And if you wanna fully experience Forza 3.. you need to buy an HDD.

Best games? OPINION.
Best online? OPINION.
Best controller? OPINION.
Best system? HELL NO! Even without considering Wii or PS3, even the PC beats the Xbox 360, by a clear country mile.

"Whats coming in 2011???...nobody knows for sure. In 2010, before E3 it was So-com, LBP, Res 3, the game with the big ugly bird, Agent and GT was gonna sell 10 did that turn out?"
There were plenty more games known before E3 too.

And GT5 selling 10 million? Yes. It will sell 10 million at least in it's lifetime. No one expected 10 million in the first day or week or even month!

You are such a worthless troll. You've probably only joined gaming this generation with the little respect you show, and the absolute garbage and misinformation you spout!

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FACTUAL evidence2919d ago

wow 3 games, and kinect?...I'm not saying they had no game but cmon now. Halo reach was to hold people over for the next COD, alan wake wasn't what it was all hyped to be (very good game IMO)and ME2 was multiplat. If you compare the 2010 line up with other consoles...yeah...360 really didn't have any games.

catguykyou2919d ago

Saying the console didn't have any games kind of ignores a lot of great multiplat games that did come out though. 360 owners did not go without anything to play. There was plenty to play. Same with PS3.

Blaine2919d ago

You're absolutely right to count multiplats as games 360 owners could play. If you count them, yes, the 360 had a lot of games this year.

But in a fanboy's point of view multiplats don't count since they cancel each other out--they're available on both consoles. Their argument is that, if you'd owned a PS3 instead of 360, you could have gotten all the multiplats plus the PS3 exclusives. And if you look only at exclusives, the 360's 2010 list was pathetic.

But, again, from a non-fanboy point of view, gamers who own only a 360 did have a lot of good games to play in 2010 because of the multiplats.

Vherostar2919d ago (Edited 2919d ago )

No offence to 360 but that list on the article is mostly multi-platform. I think 360 did have quite an average amount of exclusives though (compared to previous years i'm talking) and Sony pretty much matched them so it's been a damn good year whether your a 360 or PS3 fan. It's just a shame that next year is gonna be a completely different story due to Sony holding back most there big guns (except GT5) and the fact MS is investing most there budget in Kinect exclusives rather than non Kinect titles.

2011 is a great year if you are a fan of Kinect and Halo though on 360 with the remake of the greatest Halo game ever made and one of the greatest FPS ever made (not the greatest but top 10 material). If you really aren't a fan of Kinect then you should save that £120 and put it towards a PS3 and go multi console as then you get all the non Kinect exclusives and you can still play Gears and Halo HD when released its WIN-WIN for gamers who already own a 360 but are still thinking about PS3.

kaveti66162919d ago

Yeah, I'm sure all the 360 only owners were sitting around saying, "Hey, that's a great game. But I can't play it because it's a multiplat."

Oh, no wait. That's just the way fanboys like you think. Vhero. You should be banned.

No Way2919d ago

Ha! Who didn't say that?

Greyfoxdbz2919d ago (Edited 2919d ago )

no one said it had no games....... however lots of people said it had no good games.

Koolno2919d ago

Gamingbolt : poor unsecure biased fanboyz spotted.

I don't even understand why they 've lost time to write this ridiculous "article".

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Well lets find out which console will have more games next year... I f you think it will be the PS3 then give me a Bubble... If its the 360 then give me a Thumbs down...


Ducky2919d ago (Edited 2919d ago )

Who's hand do I gotta shake if I think it's the Wii?

I'm a sucker for platformers and side-scrollers.
... or am I just a sucker?

Vherostar2919d ago

LOL @ the wii comment your right the wii will probably have more games exclusive to it but if we are really gonna include casual games in the list it's gonna be a silly long list.. As 360 articles do include Kinect only titles in 2011 exclusive lists but you never see MOVE only titles in PS3 lists.. I also reckon a lot of wii-trashware will come to PS3 for around the £20-£30 mark.

ActionBastard2919d ago

360 had plenty of games. Most of which are also available on PS3. 2010 was a great gaming year and 2011 looks even better.

chainer30002919d ago

I buy good games, doesn't matter the platform.

guigsy2919d ago

Well said. A good game is a good game, exclusive or multiplatform.

Shield2919d ago


Well said + bubs.

Vherostar2919d ago (Edited 2919d ago )

Yep it was a good year no matter which console you had I think 360 had more disappointments than PS3 personally as Alan Wake etc sold terribly and GT5 even with some bad reviews (same score as black ops on metacritic and people call it a failure?) sold a hell of a lot outselling Forza 3 lifetime sales in 2 weeks. So for the money I would say Sony had a better year but for gamers it's been 50/50.

kaveti66162919d ago

Black Ops is a shitty game.

GT5 deserved a much better score than it got.

jetlian2919d ago

gonna speak ill of alan wake (my goty) add mod nation,mag, yakuza 3 and 3d dot under just as bad sellers

TheFreak2919d ago (Edited 2918d ago )

Black ops is a good game

hougigo2919d ago

Mass effect 2, Halo Reach, Fable 3, Alan Wake, Splinter Cell: Conviction, Crackdown 2, Metro 2033, and pretty much every single kinect game out there.
Yes... xbox 360 had no games in 2010

archemides5182919d ago

dude that is like 4 real games...the rest are whatever. that's one every 3 months IF you like the genres

Perjoss2919d ago

there were some amazing multiplat games this year, and lets face it, in most cases they look and play better on 360 compared to ps3. Please dont exclude multiplats... they are games too you know.

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visualb2919d ago

2010 was quite a good year for 360 compared to 2009

2011 isn't looking too good though =|

disturbing_flame2919d ago

Conclusion :

-Mass Effect 2 was maybe cool but not as cool as the first episode, actually it runned on my PC at home because i remembered my version of ME1 was not really optimized when i played it on 360.

- Alan Wake : Lot of people are saying GT5 is maybe the huge let down of the year, but after playing it, yes because i bought a PS3 this year what i see : The game runs a 1080p and got tons of features. Alan Wake was running sub-720p but has been hyped like hell, finally the game is average, the scenario was cool until a certain point after this it became totaly incoherent, no open world, animations are totally crap back in 2007 and the game has been selled like a GOTY.
I was sure this game will be the GOTY after 6 years of announcement and reports, and finally it is clearly the one i want to forget this year. Hope Remedy will make a better work with episode 2.

-Halo Reach : I thought it was a great game, all the journalists said the game was great, giving it 100% scores around the world, it was Bungie testimony, the best Halo to date. I played the game and my god, it was nothing close to a 100% that i've seen and played, framerate during cutseens droping down, blur etc back in 2008 this time. I was clearly dispaointed by ODST, Reach was better but i didn't feel it was the great game announced.

-Kinect : Man, i wait for better games, maybe the japanese will do something cool with that but sorry Kinectimals, kinectsports and others bother me. I havn't bought my 360 for that.
And no i'm not happy with kinect, must i be happy because microsoft sells console with kinect, no i don't give a damn, i just want games.

2010 was a great year but not for the games you put in your article :
Dead Rising 2/Case Zero, Super Meat Boy, Limbo, Deadly Premonition, Red Dead Redemption. These are the great games i played on my 360 this year.