Creative Assembly: MMORTS a "possibility" in the future

Total War developers Creative Assembly have mused that taking the series more into the online space is something they could be exploring in the future.

The multiplayer aspects in Shogun 2 have been completely overhauled, and we asked the team whether this was laying the groundwork for a game like Petroglyph's End of Nations.

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Letros3501d ago

Total War MMO would be really hard to do in a traditional sense, however what they are doing for Shogun 2's multiplayer is pretty awesome, day 1 buy for me.

swat3501d ago

just do one game unbroken on release .. i hope shogun 2 that one

sonicsidewinder3501d ago (Edited 3501d ago )

Just don't sacrafice the singleplayer goodness. Hell, they still need to create a fully rts aware AI that doesn't do daft things before perfecting the multiplayer.

Though i sure hopes it's all dandy in shogun2.