Mortal Kombat extended trailer shows more Kratos

M2G Writes:

Warner Bros today released a special extended trailer for Mortal Kombat, featuring the playable warrior Kratos.

In addition, Warner also revealed that both a Standard Edition and Kollector’s Edition of Mortal Kombat will be available upon launch.

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hougigo2957d ago

Awesome, too bad i won't be able to play as Kratos

fucadastates2957d ago

why not? if you dont have a ps3, buy one - its only 299 or less. you are missing out on A LOT of great gaming - that you wont get any other place.

D4RkNIKON2957d ago

Yeah during 2011 if you don't own a PS3 you will be missing out on the world of gaming

ijkabob2957d ago

This doesn't show more Kratos.

Heres the link to the vid since the site is lying for hits...Pleese don't give them any. Trailer is extended but no more kratos.

hougigo2957d ago

Actually, i do have a ps3, but i spend a majority of my time on the 360. If i'm going to get MK, i only get it for one console...and i spend a majority of my time on the 360.

ShinMaster2957d ago (Edited 2957d ago )

If you have both systems, how is it that you "won't be able" to play as Kratos? Yes you can. You are able to.
It would just be your own fault for not making the right choice.

ThanatosDMC2957d ago

I wish they keep DC characters too. Killing Superman was great and using Joker was fun.

Tdmd2957d ago (Edited 2957d ago )

Yeah, 'cause everybody lives in the US, where a playstation 3 is only 299 or less.

Shepherd 2142957d ago

How would playing as kratos "be the right choice"?

The 360 version might have an exclusive character that he might want to play as more.

Not everyone is a God of War fan.

ShinMaster2957d ago (Edited 2957d ago )

The right choice to play as Kratos.

We know you want your Master Cheif. But there's no need to be so sensitive.

Shadow02957d ago

@Shingino, actually he probably didn't even mean xbox exclusives but would rather play as sub-zero, or scorpian because there so badass, but you have to go and assume things and just try and be an ass.

Bereaver2957d ago


He did say "Awesome, too bad I won't..."

To me, it sounds like he loves it and wants to play as him but too bad he doesn't have a PS3.

ShinMaster2957d ago (Edited 2957d ago )

Looking at past comments, I'd think not.

Shepherd 2142957d ago (Edited 2957d ago )

First, spell "Chief" right. You, like many others, always get that wrong.

Secondly, Kratos is lucky he is even in the game. MK has been around much longer than Kratos. He is at the mercy of much more iconic fighters. I know that if i had a PS3, id still play as Sub Zero or Kung Lao, not Kratos. Sorry =(.

Not everyone likes fighting games to begin with, and if youre going to say something stupid like "You want to play as the Master Cheif(<lol at mispelling)" then i wont even indulge your ignorant comments.

Try harder next time, i know youre capable of more. And dont forget, there's no need to be so sensitive.

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Vo_Cal2957d ago

Not being a fanboy of any single corporate entity, i would have to state that not owning a PS3 is a complete fail.

divideby02957d ago

have to agree.. given the price of the hardware and the vast amount of games.. you really are not a gamer if you dont own a PS3 by now....
just buy fewer B rate games on your console of games on a monthly pass and before you know it you wont have a bunch of dust collection of games and own all the consoles

FOXDIE2957d ago

where I live, it costs about 240$, but my theory is that it will go down in price for E3 to 199$. Lets hope that happens!

CYCLEGAMER2957d ago (Edited 2957d ago )

Well the same could be said for those of you that don't have a 360 right now, I have both and I can honestly say that I cannot do without either right now.

I use my ps3 for the exclusive games (ps3 has more exclusives) and bluray, and my xbox for everything else, all of the online stuff works better on my xbox for me (ps3 takes up to much bandwith and slows everything else down). Plus all of my friends and co-workers game on the 360 so I have more fun.

This is seriously going to be a hard choice for me. Do I sacrifice, playing with all of my friends and backing up all of the trash talk we have been having for almost a year and be happy with playing as Kratos? Or do I buy it for xbox and rent it for ps3 so that I can at least have fun with Kratos for a week or two? HMMMM decisions.

Peppino72957d ago

amazon has 160gb for 225!!!

Tdmd2957d ago (Edited 2957d ago )

Here in Brasil, an 250gb slim is costing R$1.350, which translate approximately as $788. So yeah, everybody in the whole world can (an should) have one. Here most people have to chose (gamble on) one system only 'cause gaming is too pricy. I've chosen the ps3 and, thankfully, it was the right choice for me, but I still hate when people online say "just buy said system already and be happy! It's totally cheap!"... Well, I can't. And is NOT totally cheap. ¬¬

Black-Helghast2957d ago

Wow! I had a boner! Kratos is gonna own the [email protected]#% out of scorpion! :D

rob200902957d ago

I Lol'd when Scorpion threw his little knife at Kratos and said 'Get over here' What an idiot.

badz1492957d ago (Edited 2957d ago )

you don't want Kratos goes near you! everything he touches, turns to steak! RIP Scorpion LOL!

samuraiX2957d ago (Edited 2957d ago )

AWESOME indeed !

hougigo2957d ago

I'm pretty sure that the 360 version will have their own exclusives though like Soul Caliber 4 did...... if nothing pops up before launch i'll see what happens.

gameraxis2957d ago

i just traded in my slim 360 that i just bought, my 80 gig ps3 and halo reach (reason i bought the new 360) but it was honestly just sitting there the problem being reach is AWESOME, but it doesn't reward me with actual gameplay changing artifacts like guns perks etc... so i'll never play reach over cod, so i got a new 160 gb ps3 slim and had 157 bucks left over due to some crazy 25 dollars extra per thing i was returning gamestop was offering, there was just no reason to play halo because i prefer black ops, and who knows where I'll be when gears 3 or that crytek game comes out... its collecting dust already, and i looked at killzone 3, uncharted3, resistance3, and infamous 2, GT5... along with all the great multiplats like MK with kratos and MvC3, and i was like ok, same old thing, blueray, SO many exclusives, great multiplats that are on the ps3 anyways, and came to the conclusion i just don't need the 360 untill next year. I'm playing black ops on my ps3 slim right now perfectly fine... the 360 just really has no place in my game room... and I'm psyched for doing it... all the hardcore gaming is really only one one system for the next year... if u JUST have a ps3 ur missing out on NO hardcore games unless u prefer halo over cod, it really is literally ALL on playstation. Crazy amount of great exclusives, and all the multiplats like bulletstorm and valves games... and i thought i was going to be a multiconsole owner to have the best of both worlds, but.... it just didn't turn out that way... hmmm


secondly you just got a ps3 and your playing 'black ops'?...seriously you need to get some exclusives and see the difference :)

gameraxis2956d ago (Edited 2956d ago )

LORD PHEONIX... i think u misunderstood me, i've had a ps3 for 4 years now, the fat one... i just mentioned blak ops because eveyone is like "ohhh u can't play cod on the ps3, is 360 better for call of duty and most multiplats" Trust me brother, i've played them ALL u need not worry about me missing ANY ps3 exclusive... i'm just saying in past years there was always this kinds balance (even tho i thought ps3 still supported gamming better) it was micrsoft with their 2 or 3 big hitters and "better multiplats", and sony with their 6 to 8 big exclusives, and u'd have to wait and see if the multiplat was going to be good on the ps3... but all that is over it seems..

CrIpPeN2957d ago

only thing extended was the logo appeared at the end. LOL

imTatsu2957d ago

Then it should be "I don't want to play as Kratos" not "I won't be able to".

xAlmostPro2957d ago

i love how he fits in so well xD

gameraxis2956d ago (Edited 2956d ago )

lol he should have ripped shoa kahn (oh however u spell his name) out of that seat, same way he did sub zero, and said "you will all die, the Gods could not stop me...nor can this cursid place" and then kicked both scorpions and subzeros as$ at the same time as they try to team up on him... then at the end, he stands up all blody with the severed limbs of sub zero and scorpion on the ground... and it just zooms into its eye until its all black... then the end with all the logos fade in (of course all this supported with the proper music and sound effects)

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RedDead2957d ago (Edited 2957d ago )

Edit---your right, the fight between Scorp and Sub is alot longer

wotta2957d ago

Its about 40 secs longer than than the gametrailers version.

Godmars2902957d ago

They showed the production logos...

Christopher2957d ago

The fight between Scorpion and Sub Zero are longer and the intro was also longer.

There was no additional Kratos content, though, which I was hoping to see a combo or something. At least we know one of his fatalities will involve him ripping his opponents head off Helios style, right?

wotta2957d ago

Got a 360 have you?

Interesting that there is a Kollector's Edition on the way as per story, wonder what is in that??

Godmars2902957d ago

Lot more things spelled with a "K" instead of a "C" as per usual with the series?

BYE2957d ago

Can't wait to hear: "Kratos wins. Flawless victory. Fatality."


too bad that will NEVERRR HAPPEN. Kratos will get owned 8 days a week.

sorry kids, kratos is a bad ass, but this just isnt his world.

yeah he rips off heads and has killed 50,000 people, but hes gone to hell a few times and hardly gotten out.

looking on the other side of the fence, SCORPION is pissed The god of war didnt bring him a house warming gift. LOL

yeeeeeeeeeeeaaaahhh sorry bros. God of "war", meet the ELDER GODS!

Trunkz Jr2957d ago (Edited 2957d ago )

Hardly showed anything new.... if anything at all from what I remember from the VGA's on Saturday...