Lair: Reviewer's Guide is "Dummy text, add new text here."

Lair is not very good. But what's really scary is that even the "Reviewer's Guide" that Sony sent out to the gaming press is not very good either. Apparently the guide was rushed out the door unfinished -- see the first image attached below shows a clip from page 7 of the booklet.

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ktchong4057d ago (Edited 4057d ago )

The guide was obviously rushed into printing and distribution after the bad reviews started coming in, and it ended up in an unfinished state... just like the game, which could have used more development time for playtesting, fine-tuning, and improving the frame rates..

Rowland4057d ago

Your first post was an absolute shocker (didn't think you had it in you to practice what you preach, your type never do) & two other members have reported you independently with fair points, although it is vaguely satisfying giving you a taste of your own very bitter medicine, since you mention it.

ps Unlike you, my pm is always open if you're man enough for an 'Adult' discussion.

ktchong4057d ago (Edited 4057d ago )

That's because my "first post" (the "shocker") would become another separate article. Look for it here. I'm sure you'll recognize the title.

When I submitted the "first post", N4G somehow screwed up and duplicated my submission. So I ended up with two submissions that were exactly the same story. This was one of them. So I started changing the story - the link, descriptions - for this duplicate.

That's when you came in and started reading and reporting. I had set the article back to "creating," and I had just changed the link and was still working on summarizing the descriptions. So of course at the source article and my descriptions did not match at all. I don't know how you managed to see my article while it was being edited.

Stop looking for stupid excuses to harass and discredit me. You are pathetic. You need to get on with your life (if you have one) and business, and leave me alone. It seems like without me, you would not have a purpose here on N4G.

Rowland4057d ago

Blame everyone else but yourself, your never ever at fault are you.

Satanas4057d ago

Easy guys, the mildly biased portion of the description is gone, so it can be approved now.

RadientFlux4057d ago

Why didn't they just use "Lorem ipsum", it looks so much better then just repeating the same words over and over again