I Am A Race Car Driver: Part 2 - Midlife Gamer

Midlife Gamer's Xero writes: "I am now an International A License holder, have a solid assortment of mid-power vehicles in my garage and have firmly positioned myself amongst the racing community as making a strong come back to the competitive scene. I have driven many of the tracks the world has to offer me, own a small mine’s worth of element AU and am secure in the re-learned knowledge of vehicular tinkering. It had become time then to take a break from the everyday competitions that make up my waking hours and instead an opportunity to gain some valuable exposure and face time with a number of the more exotic areas of racing."

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nix3488d ago

ha ha ha.. cute! q:

as much as i hate menu music... it's there so that you'll feel like you're in some expensive car shop browsing cars or buying cars. and it also soothes you down after you come back after that tough race.