Action Trip: Gran Turismo 5 Review

Action Trip: The game offers nothing new, is repetitive as all hell, and has an overwhelming amount of simulation outside of the most unsatisfying crashes you've ever witnessed. For all its faults, Gran Turismo 5 is still a lot of fun, and it does feel rewarding when you do get to buy and drive one of the many, many cars you've always wanted.

Play it drunk with your friends some time, that's always a lot of fun, and way less deadly than when you do it on the freeway at night. The arcade version/part of the game offers more cars than I've ever seen in an arcade racing game ever, although you probably won't giggle like you did when you crashed while playing Burnout.

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jahcure3495d ago

why would u play a racing game to focus purely on crashing???????????????

nix3495d ago

looking for hits.. i guess!

Kon_Artist 3495d ago

This is Freaking amazing. i didnt know there were this many gaming websites that reviewed games. godanm. 85% of them i neever heard of.

dorron3495d ago

Are we back to the "hate PS3" mood but this time with GT5????

I guess it's the cool thing to do nowadays...

No matter what they say. GT5 is an awesome game!!!

Organization XII3494d ago

"play it while drunk with friends"

what a fag