Kinect Giving Microsoft Image Boost it Needs?

Microsoft has went through cycles of image crises, as they're always compared to Apple or Google, and others, as far as the "cool" factor goes, even when they have come out with products like the XBox, which was grudgingly admitted by some to be outstandingly awesome.

Now they've generated another win, which while not being a major part of their bottom line, will be just as important from the marketing and branding factor as anything else they do in the short term.

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D4RkNIKON2918d ago

MS is putting all of it's 2011 eggs in the kinect basket but one... Gears 3.

GenericUserName2918d ago

Forza 4? Halo Remake? Kingdoms? You know, unlike sony, microsoft do not announce games 5 years before their released. Just look at forza 3...a mere 5 months before release it was announced. And that kinect basket is a pretty solid one. 2.5 million in 25 days? 375 million dollars and that doesn't include the software sales. Wouldn't you put your eggs in that basket? Factor in all the 3rd party kinect exclusives, 3rd party multiplatform games that play and sell better on 360, gears 3, forza 4, kingdoms, xcom, gun loco, halo remake...I'd say they are pretty covered

ingiomar2918d ago

True, MS is not likely to announce titles years before its out.

MS is surely gonna reveal some new games

Wingnut Interactive is working on a ''Filmic Game'' they cancelled Halo:Chronicles but they are working on one or more Secret Projects

Lionhead is also said to be working on Multiple secret projects

It's confirmed that these are old Lionhead concepts but who are we to say that they were not revived or combined.

Another tease:


BigPark also said to be working on a new game if i recall after they finished JoyRide.

and then we got Rare one of MS's best developers,Im not letting anyone lie to me that they are not working on a new core game.
Rare is known for their media-shy nature,Which is probably why they are not even trying to tease us.

These are only First-party.

Nobody's gonna tell me they aren't gonna announce at least 3 more exclusive core titles next year. (3 NEW IP's would be a dream come true)

Bigpappy2918d ago (Edited 2918d ago )

Kinect is a beast, no doubt about that. It is causing M$ to sell out of all sku's. Amazon just got some 4Gig Kinect bundle in, ant that sku is already back in the top 10. The games for it are selling very well too. That is the one big plus a M$ has with being huge in the US and Canada. People here spend more, especially around the holiday season. UK is another good area for them. This is the main reason the attach rate remains so high for them, and why they can rely on heavy 3rd part support.

On topic: The Kool factor of Kinect is up there with Ipad and may be stronger. Having the hackers onboard only adds to that. So yes, it is helping with their image of being more than an office company. Bill gate always wanted to get into entertainment. Xbox was successful with core gamers, Kinect will broaden that audiance substatially.

SnakeMustDie2918d ago

I hope MS has more game reveals for 2011 because Gears alone cannot save them.

TheOldOne2918d ago

I hope MS has more non-Kinect game reveals.

GenericUserName2918d ago

Save them? From what? The many ps3 exclusives? Are they going to finally kill xbox lol. GT5 failed to do so, Uncharted 2 failed to do so, Killzone failed. MGS 4 failed, Move failed, which one of the upcoming exclusives will kill xbox? Or is it a collective effort? We're assuming that unlike Socom, lbp and gt5, sony won't delay any games till 2012.
Oh and Forza 4, Kingdoms, Xcom, gun loco, first templar. . .halo remake, whatever else they have planned are more than enough to "save" them

Mystogan2918d ago

Dude... your embarrassing us by listing gun loco and first templar(which is probably console exclusive because they had no money for 2 consoles),gun loco looks lame,but yeah its exclusive :/.

IKONACLYSM2918d ago (Edited 2918d ago )

Agree but who knows maybe it'll be a diamond in the ruff

palaeomerus2918d ago

This is a blog post from someone who cannot even write well. Fail. Get an editor or something.


Since everyone is making lists here's what I want next year
XBLA killer instinct 1,2 HD that is all thank you for your time

Mystogan2918d ago

haha lol

The games i wanna see are

Blinx 3
Azurik 2
Conker 360
NightCaster 3
Phantom Dust 2

hmmm.. i guess that is all, All those games would be EPIC with 7th generation Graphics and Technology

tigertom532917d ago

I think Kinect did the right thing to give them the image boost for the family buyers and to expand there sales buy targeting the family..