BBC courted by Microsoft for Xbox 360 Euro link

Microsoft is courting the BBC as it plans to launch its digital television and video service in Europe.The software giant is intent on turning its Xbox 360 video-games machine into a digital entertainment hub offering films, TV shows and high-definition programmes. It already offers video content in America via its Xbox 360 video-games console.

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Xeoset4082d ago

I can't wait for the European Marketplace!

I can't wait for IPTV also, sod getting Sky upstairs!

nasim4082d ago

a small news channel owned by SOUTH AFRICAN company .

The biggest channedl chain in UK --SKY is supporting the ps3

sandip7874082d ago

nasim im a sony supporter, but come on man where the hell do you live? obviously not uk. bbc channels are among the biggest in the uk, its what people pay their tv licences for.
so yeh bbc is actaully a big deal. i have no idea about the whole south africa thing, but then again ive never looked into it. but then again, whats the difference?
and sky is not a channel. sky offer a television service, they have channels of there own ie sky one and sky movies.
chill out man

xfrgtr4082d ago

BBC sucks big time,SKY is much much much better,specially for movies and sports

Caxtus7504082d ago

wtf NAsim??? and all who agreed? you REALLY do come across as inbred!

BBC British Broacasting COmpany.

Its owned by the British Goverment and has largest amount of radio and TV channels collectively than any of its competitors.

That is not fanboyism. It is FACT!

caffman4081d ago

Sky do not support PS3. They don't support 360. They don't support Wii. If you go by the people who sponsor Sky programs, if anything, there is a 360 bias!

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Daewoodrow4082d ago

I'd be interested to see how these deals work out with BT and the BBC, but i'm waiting for a solid plan including a release date before i'm impressed.

rev204082d ago

Would be great if it was channel4, but the bbc sucks big time

AngryHippo4082d ago works out well. Um...does anyone know when microsoft are releasing downloadable HD movies for the UK?is that all going to be released with IPTV before the end of the year? i think i might be needing a bigger hard drive for my 360.

fjtorres4082d ago

...said this fall.
That is what the BBC talks are about; securing local content in addition to the Hollywood stuff.
Depending on how the talks go, you could get an October or November launch.
I just hope the deal cross the pond and at least some of the BBC stuff shows up in the US.

Greysturm4082d ago

I really hope they compensate for the lack of new stuff at E3 and Leipzig. Its important that they get the sevice up and running before january or it might be difficult to break sonys plans for freeview and psp tv.

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The story is too old to be commented.