2010: Top 10 Surprises

NowGamer: Did the gaming world leave you permanently perplexed this year? These 10 things probably did!

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Dark_Charizard2867d ago

#1 Nintendo unveils glasses free 3D, for me.

Feckles2866d ago

Never could have predicted Infinity Ward jumping ship and Bungie going the over way. It has been a crazy year.

TimmyShire2866d ago

I couldn't help but laugh as soon as Gabe Newell came onto the stage at E3 for Sony. After all the flaming he's done against the PS3, it must've taken a lot for him to suddenly say it'll be the best version.


fastrez2866d ago

It's 'surprising' that Urmomlol hasn't pitched in his meagre tuppance on a NowGamer article yet. I'm actually stunned.

skyward2866d ago

Not at all surprised by MAss Effect - BioWare have been teasing it for ages. Am surprised ME3 is getting a simultaneous release on PS3 though...

Where's Super Meat Boy?

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The story is too old to be commented.