Halo: Reach Legendary Collector's Edition on sale for more than half off

XMNR:Are you a fan of Halo: Reach for the Xbox 360 but didn't take the plunge for the pricey Legendary Edition that includes the little statues of Noble Team? Great news then as Amazon has it on sale for 50% off.

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jay22865d ago

That was a really limited edition, wasn't it?

toaster2865d ago (Edited 2865d ago )

I guess it was limited because they had to keep some to sell later.

Queasy2865d ago

I'm not complaining. I didn't pick up the Legendary Edition before but I'm tempted to at this price.

SixZeroFour2864d ago

wish it was more "limited" cause this seems more like the cat helmet fiasco, but im glad i supported bungie with it at launch and im still enjoying the game to this day