5 Things Uncharted 3 Must Avoid

Uncharted 3 Drake's Deception has been officially announced, and the gaming universe is suitably excited. There's every chance Naughty Dog's threequel could become the defining action game this generation, but in order to do so, it mustn't rest on its own laurels. Here are five things Uncharted 3 must avoid.

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theonlylolking2870d ago

I 100% disagree with #4. I like having monsters in uncharted. It forced you to change the way you play instead of always shooting at people.

UP2870d ago

I agree as well and it also fits the universe well.

hay2870d ago (Edited 2869d ago )

Actually monsters in UC universe add a bit fear to the gameplay. I can't say I weren't cautious or concerned where ghouls in first one appeared and they were everywhere.
And though I hated monkeys in second one and prayed that they die quickly, it added to the experience.

Also this is weak article. It kinda doubts in ND talent or says how UC3 should be made with obvious points ND probably know best.
They put 2 invalid points(4, 1) and 3 which previous game did really well, yet UC3 have to avoid them...?

RedDragan2869d ago

Why doesn't gamerzine just leave the job to the developers? They seem to have been doing a good enough job already... I doubt they need some half-known website telling what they should and shouldn't do.

There is reason one is making award winning games and another is just trying to report on those award winning games.

I expect these sites to just review the game, not speak bull about what a Dev needs to do.

Philoctetes2869d ago

Yep, I think we can be about 100% sure that Uncharted 3 is going to have monsters that show up about two-thirds of the way through the game. It wouldn't be an Uncharted game if it didn't have monsters.

gamerdude1322869d ago

Idiot, it's an opinion piece, not a list of demands.

RedDragan2869d ago

Then why should we be interested in this random blokes opinion, telling award winning devs what they should and shouldn't do?

Either way, I am still correct.

I_find_it_funny2869d ago

some kind of monsters and unnatural things are now part of Uncharted series, I think it's ok

rjdofu2869d ago (Edited 2869d ago )

Agree. Also, if the writer has watched the trailer, he should know that there's more places than desert. Seriously, does he know what he's talking about? And WTF does Mark Wahlberg have to do with UC3 btw?

NecrumSlavery2869d ago

The creatures in the first Uncharted were so friggin' scary. But the when the camera panned up as you were climbing in Nepal mountains, and that beast popped up, I jumped out of my seat. That was a shock. The fantasy part of the UC series is a uniwue feature. It fits completely. It never takes a turn for the retarded.

BulletToothtony2869d ago

I think that ND's DOZENS! of game of the year awards say pretty clearly that they have a good thing going..

Things ND should avoid.. them listening to noob sites telling them to do games like every other developer..

ChineseDemocracy2869d ago

Yeah monsters definitely required a change in tactics. In the first game...


The "cursed" creatures were super agile; I spent most my time running and gunning as opposed to taking cover and firing.

The guardians from the second game almost required you to just plow away at their heads because of the sheer amount of health they had. Another alternative was to kill one, take its crossbow, kill the others, rinse and repeat.

MerkinMax2869d ago

They said, "You have to just have the faith that whatever instincts got you to this point will continue carrying you through as long as you keep listening to them."

I think it is safe to say that we can trust Naughty Dog.

vickers5002869d ago


So developers shouldn't listen to fan feedback at all? Naughty Dog is just perfect and shouldn't listen to their customer base because they know what we want better than us?

I'm sure if I searched through your comment history I could find a few comments about you telling what other developers need to do. If we left the job up to the developers all the time, then they'd just give us crap after crap game.

I know that around here, people are batsh*t crazy about their consoles and the companies/developers of their favorite consoles, but if you don't understand that not all criticism is bad and in fact some criticism can be good and beneficial to the game, then I feel sorry for you. I'm not saying that developers should cater to every whim of their consumers, but they shouldn't block them out completely as your idiotic comment implies they should.

This site is simply making suggestions as to how to improve the game in their eyes, why do you have a problem with that? Maybe someone should go to every single comment you make about improving a game and tell you to just shut up and leave the job to the developers?

ReservoirDog3162869d ago

Yeah I like the monsters in Uncharted. Fits well and it's part of the story.

Just please, for the love of God, please no giant spiders.

RedDevils2869d ago

3. Only being in the desert

if this guy actually watch the trailer there a little gameplay scene he have not notice

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Galaxia2869d ago

Agree with you. The monsters in both Uncharted games were the BEST PART for me. My most memorable Uncharted moments are meeting the monsters in both games.

Cannot wait to see what Uncharted 3's monsters are.

Bolts2869d ago (Edited 2869d ago )

In Uncharted's genre monsters are a must since we're frequently dealing with the supernatural. Bring on the mummies.

funkycoldmedina2869d ago

Hit disagree by mistake, but gave you bubble. I agree to disagree on #4 as well. The mutants add a change of pace for me in UC series, because hiding behind cover and shooting human AI got repetitive. I really liked the mixing of both human and mutant foes at the same time.

For those that played the original PC Far Cry the mutants were part of the game's experience, because shooting human AI got old quick. I didn't even bother with FC2 being it wasn't Jack Carver and not Far Cry nor the same developers. When developers start taking a minority of complaints into consideration too much the originality of a games fictional world is lost in the sequels. Can't please everyone, look what happened to Resistance 2.

Kleptic2869d ago

Resistance 2 is a perfect example of what you said...fall of man was VERY close to being great, but was obviously hampered by being a rushed launch title...but Insomniac made the mistake of trying to fix every little detail the media complained about...and overall ended up gutting the franchises overall identity...

which is my point...lists like this overall are bad...I can't think of one situation of either Uncharted 2 or 1 where i was annoyed that I got placed on a turret...they never last long, and always offered incredible scripted design (this guy is saying he didn't like the turret on the train taking out the helicopter?...that was one of the most impressive things i've done in a game this generation)...

the sand?...people said the same thing about snow in uncharted wasn't even a 1/4 of the game...the tech with the snow (and now the sand) makes up for great reveals to show off how impressive the visuals are...but they are not hurting the direction of the game in anyway whastoever...

and the monster stuff...I loved them in both games...because the first 75% of the game set up a story in a way that you simply don't know what to expect...then comes the reveal of what you might be up against the rest of the game...and it changes everything in a good way imo...

both uncharted's are so close to perfect its hard to nit pick...the age old 'well they will focus too much on multiplayer' does NOT apply to ND...the mp component of Uncharted 2 did absolutely nothing to the single player, and ended up giving the game even more replay value...

I'm just saying little write ups like this are pointless...ND isn't some normal developer...they will not screw up...they know exactly what to avoid, exactly what to expand on, and exactly how to impress us...Uncharted 3 will walk away with it just like uncharted 2, and kindly hand everyone else their hat...

shammgod2869d ago (Edited 2869d ago )

agreed. I would love them to add the ability to be the monsters in MultiPlayer. You could have three teams, good, bad, monsters. I love the addition of monsters. God forbid variety

N4g_null2869d ago

Best comment here hands down I agree and the monster that moves out of frame was almost hitch cock like. I would want to see more of that. The actual battle afterwards isn't much of a play field.

The best way to see this is the fact that it almost feels scripted which is a bad then. You ruin game play and replayabilty with scripts. Lua is not your friend.

Im glad to see you guys are actualy saying what you like now that's very constructive. It can only lead to more people liking the game more.

How about capture the flag like treasure run complete with monsters! I'd play that. Nd really needs to make this one more than a sequel. Great game play helps games age better.

masterg2869d ago

I agree. Monsters is a part of Uncharted.
I'm sure we are going to see mummies of some sort in this one.

omodis4202869d ago

I liked it in the first game, not so much in the second game though, but by no means was it a deal breaker.

Kleptic2869d ago

Yeah I definitely liked the set up of the 'monsters' more in the first the second game they were cool, but a bit overpowered (or at least you where in situations that made them overpowered)...The first game set it up as the only enemy you were forced to run from...making you use gameplay mechanics that are in the game the whole time (and I didn't even know it until that part of the game) Uncharted 2 they were just much faster and stronger than other enemies...but the gunplay worked so much better in uncharted 2; that wasn't a bad thing...

but oh well...basically giving uncharted 1 nazi zombies forced it to go downhill from there...I just mean i didn't expect them to be better in uncharted 2...and don't in uncharted 3 either...but both games they were overall great, so i hope they are in the third too...

Kurisu2869d ago

ND did say though that they want Uncharted 3 to be more "realistic", so I can't imagine seeing a return of the monsters. They scared the hell out of me, totally wasn't expecting them...

Traveler2869d ago

I think ND have been moving more away from monsters with each game. In the second game they were even less supernatural. I know, I know, in the first game there was a rational explanation as well, but in the second game it just seemed like they tried to make them even more human and have a less fantastical explanation. I don't think we will necessarily have "monsters" in Uncharted 3. I am sure they will make the right decisions whatever they do.

nnotdead2869d ago

i guess im in the minority with agreeing with #4. the monster almost completely ruined the experience for me. it changed up the gameplay way too much, and i was enjoying what i was doing before hand. it really didn't bother as much in 2, because i was expecting it, and i would think the same 3. i know 3 will have them, and im pretty sure i won't like it, but in certain i'll really enjoy the game.

Rocket Sauce2869d ago (Edited 2869d ago )

Creatures were fine in Drake's Fortune, but then they just recycled them for the sequel. It felt really lazy of Naughty Dog to do the exact same thing all over again. All these historical mysteries could really be more interesting than monsters, monsters, monsters, you know?

Uncharted is the best thing going today, but if they re-use creatures AGAIN for the third game, I'm gonna bust a nut.

Spitfire_Riggz2869d ago

That is exactly the first thing I thought when I saw that. The monster in Uncharted totally surprised me and literally made me say "OH SHIT"

delicia2869d ago

I think it must avoid other consoles besides PS3

gameraxis2869d ago (Edited 2869d ago )

those saying uncharted shouldn't incorporate the supernatural... what about the movie this game is most compared to, if not totally inspired by (not the latest Indiana Jones because the UFO ending was just dumb) but the sorcery part when Harrison Ford is hanging on that rope bridge that collapsed and hes getting his heart pulled through his skin by the main antagonist... that subtle level of ancient relics giving power to the one who bestows it is what these kind of games and movies are all about... so i say make it more subtle, like the power of persuasion to whomever wears the forbidden ring, and in the wrong hands could collapse the structured governments and its leaders as we know it...causing total chaos and war amongst everyone. Something like that i think would be the perfect type of drive for the game, saving the world, but not from aliens or monsters... but from some sort of relic or artifact that if in the wrong hands could cause extreme devastation to all, except the wearer, who would then be the greedy antagonist who values power and control over humanity and peace...

playboi282869d ago

Is this what qualifies as news now?

princejb1342869d ago

woop woop when i hear a desert i heard mummies=]
uncharted 3 is gonna be excellent
just like the the first 2
when i heard dessert the first thing on my mind was a adventure in pyramids full of traps just like indiana jones but better
cant wait for uncharted 3=]

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I_find_it_funny2870d ago (Edited 2870d ago )

it's already said Uncharted 3 will take place around the world, so no, it's not just sands

Shackdaddy8362869d ago

I kinda hope a big portion is though. I really like that classic Lawrence of Arabia feel.

Like not just in the middle of the desert though.

koehler832870d ago

I'm going to go out on a limb and say that NaughtyDog knows how to make games better than you do.

UnwanteDreamz2869d ago

Yep let me try this.

One thing Uncharted 3 must avoid.

Poorly written blogs that assume to know what Uncharted 3 needs.

TheTruth892870d ago (Edited 2869d ago )

STFU, this game will be awesome, even if they put Power Rangers and Barbies inside.

colonel1792869d ago

Hopefully is not divorced Barbie.. They game would be expensive as hell -__-

GamerSciz2870d ago

Sounds like these guys have some gripes with the Uncharted series. Be it as it may, I disagree with all of them except #5. Mark Walhlberg is a no-no. But everything else works fine for Uncharted. On the back of the Jeep during the chase shooting was a ton of fun. The environments have always been different and unique. The multiplayer is still loads of fun and Naughty Dog continues to enhance and support UC2 multiplayer.