GameStop Unsure of PS3, Wii Launch Numbers

Games retailer GameStop said today that it will not be taking PS3 and Wii pre-orders until it has a better idea of how many systems will be allocated to its stores; 1 million PS3s, 750,000 Wiis predicted for overall US launch.

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BIadestarX5383d ago

smart move. They don't need to take pre-orders since they will be selling them all anyways.

RealDoubleJ5383d ago

and there will be pre-orders so that: a)The consumer can feel happy he has a guarantee of getting his product and b)Gives Gamestop & Sony a rough estimate of how many units will be moved. I find it strange how I could pre-order my 360 5 months before the launch (and what a heap load of mess it was getting it anyway) and it's now certified that most retailers won't be taking pre-orders until september....All I can see is a huge rush for a limited supply of PS3's and now with limited time to do so.

If they want to avoid one catastrophe of the X360 launch, then they NEED to make sure there's a deposit with pre-orders. This stops some jackass from walking in, buying the 5 consoles he pre-ordered and then flogging them on eBay.

Islandkiwi5383d ago

So many people got screwed at the 360 launch, it's good to see them changing their policies.

joemutt5383d ago

More people will buy them just to put on ebay(like Me). But they will sell for like 5 times the retail price. Unlike the 360 which will be selling for under retail price!!

Buy a PS3, get ripped off!!

Buy a 360, get a great deal!!

People bought 360's after launch for over $1,000 so the PS3 will be doing the same, only difference will be that the 360 will be selling under retail this holiday!!

Silent5383d ago (Edited 5383d ago ) you gonna get some ADD-ONS???

kewlkat0075383d ago

I can buy one and sell to make some extra money to get the Wii and 360 games? What do you guys think?

Since I can't see myself owning the PS3 anytime soon...

Silent5383d ago

Its sounds like a good idea you should do that.
Youre not ready for the future or CHANG3 yet.

Islandkiwi5383d ago

I was lucky enough to get a 360 on the day it released, and had to decide whether I should keep it or turn it over for a tidy profit.

I decided to keep it, and I'm glad I did. I didn't see another one available until March or April.

I see where you're coming from, though. If you weren't planning on keeping it anyway...hmmm.....

Silent5383d ago

Ill be watching them closely....

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