Videogamer: Sonic Colors Review

Videogamer: "Reviews of recent Sonic games always open with the writer celebrating Sonic's 16-bit history and then complaining that there hasn't been a good title in the series since Sonic Adventure. It's all an excuse to vent about how SEGA took a cherished character and tainted his name with mediocrity. But here's the thing: handheld Sonic games have been great. The Sonic Advance series on the GBA was fantastic, updating the tried and tested Sonic formula with lanky new character models and a much better sense of speed. This quality was evident in Sonic Rush, too, which we went as far as calling "the best pure platformer on the DS". While Sonic Team was busy tarnishing the blue blur's name with increasingly shoddy 3D offerings, Dimps was reminding us why we fell in love with him in the first place."

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