Go! Gaming Giant: Disney Epic Mickey Review

From the review:

"Surely you remember Mickey Mouse, right? You know, the little cartoon mouse on half of the merchandise in the Disneyland gift shops? If you’re old enough, you may recall that he used to be a pretty big star in loads of his own adventures before Disney basically cast him aside for Pixar movies and low-grade sitcoms. And that, in a sense, is what Disney Epic Mickey’s theme is all about. This isn’t the typical happy-go-lucky adventure we have all grown accustomed to over the years."

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omicron0092864d ago

very cool game mechanics, would love to try this out if I had a Wii.

RaymondM2863d ago

I've been seeing such mixed reviews for this game, but I'm still gonna rent it. Hell, the style looks interesting, I'd say its at least worth a rental