Xbox 360 Elite Teardown

A video of tearing down the Xbox 360 Elite.

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Lakuspakus4058d ago

Playshrhhation shree and the shree sixsry. Anyone else noticed? :P

beavis4play4058d ago

it sounds like they haven't addressed many of the issues that have dogged the system.

Mr VideoGames4058d ago

everyone knows they haven't addressed sh*t about the Issue, thats why there Bringing out the Falcon's, yes i guess there pulling a SONY and making us wait but just for a little bit there suppose to be out last month but i guess there in Production right now but haven't yet been released to the Public i don't think?? i know there releasing them before Christmas, i think September

Imallvol74058d ago

Can anyone even begin to imaging how hard getting the 360 you want will be?

You: Yes, I would like to buy a 360 Premium.
Store: Alright, here you go.
You: I would like one with 65nm processor and HDMI please.
Store: We have no idea of knowing whats in that white box, it could a mix of anything. 65 w hdmi, 90 with hdmi, 90 without hdmi, 65 w hdmi.

LOL, ITS GOING TO BE SO CONFUSING. It would be better to just be oblivious to the fact you have no idea which system is coming in the box you buy.


Actually it's easy to get HDMI. Just look at the side of the box for the HDMI equipt listing.

Jdoki4058d ago

In all fairness the HDMI enabled Premiums are labelled as such on the box.

And if rumours are true, the 65nm units are already heading to the channels, so it won't be too long before 65nm becomes the standard.

However, only the CPU is moving to 65nm, the GPU will remain at 90nm for the foreseeable future - and while the smaller die CPU will help the power/heat issues, it's the GPU where most of the RROD problems stem from.

I would have thought any new Elite or Premium should have the extra heatsink for the GPU - certainly MS inferred they were re-engineering old stock, but I guess it's no surprise that the 'fixed' units have not hit retail yet - I would imagine the channels are pretty stuffed by MS (makes the shipped unit figures look much better to keep the channel chock full of stock - even if it's just sat in warehouses).

I guess it'll be a little while before we get 65nm CPU and GPU, with quieter drives and no RROD issues!! (I'm on my third 360)!

Imallvol74058d ago

its really hard to tell when your ordering online because they dont specify it anywhere, and online is where all the good deals are. Like the 300$ 360 Premium that went on sale today at office depot. What would I be getting?

BLACKJACK VII4057d ago (Edited 4057d ago )

Well, DUH !! Yeah, if you buy it online there is no telling what you'll get ! My buddy & I went to Circuit City on Labor Day 2 get him a 360, He got an HDMI equipt 360, 10% off Labor Day special & an extra controller for FREE ! He paid $314.99 for a HDMI Premium with an extra controller ! Maybe you should get out of the house more...

It wasn't "SO CONFUSING" for us !

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