House: Camera-only gaming is limited

PlayStation’s EU chief says Move can work with many genres, giving it an edge over Kinect

SCEE chief Andrew House claims Microsoft will ‘hit a wall’ when creating new games for Kinect.

He says Sony learnt from the EyeToy that only a limited number of experiences can be had with cameras, adding that this isn’t a problem he has with Move.

“We pioneered camera-based gaming with EyeToy,” he told MCV.

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whateva2919d ago (Edited 2919d ago )

PS-Move is the best of both worlds & almost any type of game can be made to be played with the PlayStation Eye/ Move setup.

when the hype is over with it will be Move that is used the most.

I haven't played my kinect since Thanksgiving & that was because family was around & I just wanted everyone to check it out, well really I haven't played it since like the 1st 2 weeks I had it because I didn't play it on Thanksgiving I just let everyone play Dance Central they had a blast & a lot of them was talking about buying one, but if they don't come with some games that you can play on a daily basis without jumping around it will end up not getting played so much, & that's coming from someone that loves motion gaming & camera tech, same with Kung Fu Live , it's fun but you're not going to play it everyday because of all the jumping around, with Move you can play games late at night without making too much noise.

zootang2919d ago

Just for the people who don't know the PS3 gets 4oD and iTVplayer this week

AAACE52919d ago (Edited 2919d ago )

"PlayStation’s EU chief says Move can work with many genres, giving it an edge over Kinect"

I would expect this from a company who makes tech and never fully uses it! Hey, why not make new genres since Kinect offers a new way to play games? I guess they are closed minded.

I've got a question for Sony... What happened to six axis controls? They came out with a few games and forgot about it!

I have always wondered why Sony didn't take the six axis controls and used them as a steering wheel for GT5P or even now GT 5! I guess that would give them fewer reasons to sell a steering wheel peripheral...

Edit: No zootang, I mean you should have the option in every racing game to just take your regular DS3 or Six axis and steer it like a steering wheel in all games... Especially Ps3 exclusives! It's not like they don't have the capacity for it!

zootang2919d ago (Edited 2919d ago )


There is a wheel for the Sixaxis for games like Wipeout, Motorstorm and GTA4 (driving)

Wh15ky2919d ago


"I have always wondered why Sony didn't take the six axis controls and used them as a steering wheel for GT5P or even now GT 5!"

They did that for Wipeout and it's not very good, it was also used for Burnout Paradise and again with dissapointing results. You can also buy a wheel shaped docking thing for the DS3, similar to the Wii Wheel but it's just not as good.
Once you've used a proper wheel for the likes of GT you would know why it's not there as an option.

ravinash2919d ago

Cool, I'll be looking out for those.

ManGastaS2918d ago

Kinect its not only to play games! You can controll your xbox with it!

I use my kinect all the time!!

kancerkid2918d ago

Where are all the people saying Sony is childish for calling out MS and Kinect, when they were so quick to call out Turn 10 for the same thing.

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StanLee2919d ago

If Sony had so much faith in Move they would have released the peripheral at the beginning of the console's life cycle. Nintendo took that risk and it paid off and Move comes off as an ill timed cash grab. Microsoft's step is as bold as Nintendo's was and it will evolve and improve over time. Sony played it safe, which is rare since they're usually pioneering rather than pandering.

DigitalRaptor2919d ago (Edited 2919d ago )

If Sony had done that, the PS3 would have the same "kiddy" image that the Wii does. It would have had so much shovelware.

I'm sure Sony really wouldn't have wanted that, especially since their launch wasn't a particularly strong one, and the Wii would still have been the more popular choice, since the casuals seem to prefer Nintendo games such as Mario, than Resistance or Uncharted.

Stop trying to find reasons to down the Move, when it's a genuine and worthy motion control solution that works in any game of any genre, unlike Kinect.

Microsoft is taking a bold move perhaps, or a stupid one, you can see it how you want. But any person with a fully functional brain can see how many limitations Kinect brings up and that it isn't a positive step forward for gaming. Just a different, yet overcomplicated way to interact.

Like several others have mentioned, once the hype of controller-free gaming has died, they will realise how much better option the Move really is for motion control, if that is what they want.

And to add to that.... Nintendo's Wiimote wasn't even working all that well up until recently with the addition of WiiMotion+. If Sony had released the Move in time for PS3 launch, it probably wouldn't have been up to scratch, and that isn't something Sony tends to do.

gamingdroid2919d ago (Edited 2919d ago )

Kinect brings limitations, but also opens up great opportunities that weren't there before.

Why focus on the negatives only and ignore the positives?

Seen many of the Kinect hacks lately?

I particularly like the air guitar one with Kinect:

Besides limitation is only in design. One could say that a controller is exceedingly limited and the only reason it works is because developers designed the experience around the controller!

StanLatMarveldotCom2919d ago

A peripheral doesn't make a console novel, or "kiddie" or casual, it's the content. If that were the case, the perception would remain whether Move was launched when the PS3 was or when it was. I'm not trying to down Move; it works. But the majority of core gamers wont play core games that way; Move wont replace the traditional controller. You wont see core games with Move only controls because they would tank. And only a fanboy would see Kinect as a "stupid" move. It's progressive and succeed or fail, they chose to innovate rather than follow. Sony could have done the same with Eye Toy but again, they played it safe. Which is what they've done this entire gen, play catch up where innovation really matters; in the online space, in marketing and advertising and when they finally release a control free peripheral, and you know they will, they'll play it safe and be followers.

insomnium22919d ago (Edited 2919d ago )


Why focus on the negatives only and ignore the positives? "

Because the most essential part is on the negative side with Kinect. I don't care if my car has some innovative ashtrays if it drives like s*it. Get it?

gamingdroid2919d ago

I don't care if my car can't off road, if it handles like a sports car on the freeway.

Point being, I might not have necessarily bought Kinect to replace what I currently have or be a swiss knife, but as an additional device that does something others can't.

Besides, the problem of limitation is only in software design. If you ask a casual gamer if the controller is limited, what do you think the answer will be?

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RedRedSuitSDF2919d ago

You ever notice when companies that are losing, or their product isn't doing as good as their competitors, that they start talking about everything.. BUT.. their own product?

You don't see MS talking about Move, but you see Sony, always commenting and making hits on Kinect.


Bigpappy2919d ago

Cry me a river. While they sit there crying "We did it first" and about limitations, M$ is swimming in a large pool of cash. Kinect will see so many new feature before the spring, it will be scary. They will also be a bunch of game that with use kinect and the controller. Just watch and see where M$ take this SOny. The public crying is making you look ... envious.

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Quagmire2919d ago

Someone pass me a cold beer, its about to get hot in here!

Equinoxe_72919d ago (Edited 2919d ago )

When the hype is over, move is the better choice.

JacobIsHollywood2919d ago

I agree. I still play Move all the time. The people I know who have bought Kinect will bring it out only when friends come over. Otherwise, they're playing Halo: Reach, Gears of War, etc.

It really is a novelty item.

ManGastaS2918d ago

Kinect its not only to play games! You can controll your xbox with it!

I use my kinect all the time!

otacon682919d ago

Nothing new.. Kinect will hit wall next year, when their 500M$ ad budget is gone just as hype from launch and christmas period, whereas move will just start grabbing wider audience with LBP2, DS2, KZ3, socom4...

ct032919d ago

You and your kind are so cute because you really believe what you write, even though it's so far detached from the real world that one can only envy you for your youthful untainted imagination.

Ninver2919d ago

Real gamers already knew this from the start. The brainwashed sheep believe otherwise.

2919d ago
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