The Core Of From Dust

Cult Another World/Out Of This World creator Eric Chahi has returned to development, creating the ambitious From Dust for Ubisoft, and Brandon Sheffield sits down with him to find out the development concepts behind the impressive simulation that it offers.

Having not worked on a game since the late '90s, notable French game designer Eric Chahi seemed to have disappeared into the art world -- becoming immersed in theater and photography rather than game development. But he has recently come back into the fold with From Dust, an ambitious new downloadable title.

The new Ubisoft-published title is a god game of sorts, in which the player manipulates the terrain, water, and lava in order to shape the world, guiding and protecting a tribe of humans who dwell there. It simulates the world in real-time, which creates a number of complexities -- and a lot of opportunity for discussion.

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