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pedrami912865d ago

We'll just have to wait and see.

Nitrowolf22865d ago (Edited 2865d ago )

I am wondering how many of those GT trolls who said no one wants realistic, will come in here praising this now.

"Through Kinect, players will be able to "step through the TV screen and jump into the driver's seat","

Well for starters an actually wheel would do a lot better. Honestly if your looking for realism go with the wheel. Driving Sims just shouldn't be played without the physical wheel and pedals. It's still good to see the option is there, i am curious to see how accurate it will be, but even if it's on Par, like i said if your looking for realism go with the wheel (not saying they won't have wheels.)

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Anarki2865d ago

De-ja-vu! I remember a certain trailer looking "better than gt5" for F3, however.. the end product was much different.

thereapersson2865d ago (Edited 2865d ago )

Yet ironically enough, there were many Gran Turismo detractors who complained that Polyphony Digital seemed to have developed the game around using a wheel first and foremost over a game pad.

ProjectVulcan2865d ago (Edited 2865d ago )

I agree about the wheel thing. It might help if Microsoft sorted compatability with the better race wheels out there like the logitech G series- Its a pretty big deely for hardcore racers to have a nice wheel and pedal set i wish i could use my G27 with this that works perfectly with GT5 and my PC.....

Plus the idea that this can be a sim coupled with kinect controls is absurd, what with confirmation you dont control the throttle or brake using kinect, its all automatic. Microsoft can't market kinect and 'sim' for this game in the same sentence.

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Nitrowolf22865d ago (Edited 2865d ago )


I never mentioned the controller, just the wheel
" Driving Sims just shouldn't be played without the physical wheel and pedals"

Thats how i play, don't use a controller other then navigation. Nothing will ever beat the wheel feedback unless it's a better wheel (which an imaginary wheel is not).

I am quite glad GT5 was made for the wheel, honestly thats how it should be played with, Racing sims should be played with the wheel.

jib2865d ago


they have one already. the fanatec wheels

ProjectVulcan2865d ago (Edited 2865d ago )

I am aware of the porsche fanatec wheels that work. Its not exactly a G27 though is it....

The selection of 360 race wheels isnt stellar by any means. Microsoft just refuse to support common popular wheels probably down to the fact they want a bunch of cash from the manufacturers to slap an official license sticker on it.

@ Qui-Gon Jim. Read what i wrote about microsoft saying that forza 4 with kinect means NO throttle/brake control. It isnt me speculating, its already known that kinect removes this from you in the game, much like the demo from E3 earlier this year. Dan Greenwault said that Forza and kinect is not intended for the core racers out there. Why even Include it?

Qui-Gon Jim2865d ago

Kinect support doesn't necessarily mean you lose throttle control. Remember one of the first Kinect demos was Burnout Paradise, and on that you controlled the throttle by moving your foot forward. I don't know if it has enough sensitivity for good control, but a lot of people play by using only full throttle or braking, anyway.

Shadow Flare2865d ago (Edited 2865d ago )

Forza's that game where they intentionally widened real life tracks to make it easier to overtake isn't it? Sorry, I'll stick with the most realistic racer GT5 because the one thing that's never in dispute with GT is it's detailed and realistic driving physics and track accuracy which are second to none

AAACE52865d ago

I admire Turn 10!

They have a goal and they are determined to reach it! It kind of reminds me of how 2K sports went after Madden and Live games.

Bad thing is, when people see that MS has made a claim like this... their minds automatically go to hate! Turn 10 competing with GT only makes GT games get better. Because now PD has a real contender on it's hands!

-Alpha2865d ago (Edited 2865d ago )


There is nothing wrong with the claim. If this was Sony talking about GT people hating this would love it, simple as that.

MS's simulator has to aim to be the best, I wouldn't expect anything less from any studio.

Fighting words, but nothing that doesn't sound like healthy competitive talk. We simply will have to wait and see

thereapersson2865d ago

It wouldn't happen though, because Kazunori Yamauchi doesn't run his mouth like a spoiled child, unlike the head of Turned 10.

Boody-Bandit2865d ago (Edited 2865d ago )

MS needs to keep their trap shut and let Turn 10 get to work. It's kind of hard to take MS serious when they are talking realism about a game that is built around 270 degrees of rotation, has a rewind feature and now is going to implement Kinect controls.

Forza 3 is a fantastic game but it is more gamer friendly than the opposition which makes it more fun for some. I am a gear head so I prefer playing racers like this on a wheel only. Actually racing is my favorite genre and the cash I spend on perps and electronics for this genre proves it.

Turn 10 need to focus less on Kinect and more on making this game 900 degrees of rotation. I agree with the people that said MS needs to work out a deal with Logitech to have their wheel be 360 compatible. I have a Fanatec 911 S (2 actually) and just preordered the Fanatec GT2, so I'm set. The Fanatec wheel isn't exactly something you can walk into a store and pick up though and there are not enough to go around.

MS less talking and more game making would be nice. This is one area you have now falling behind and in a big way.

Turn 10, if you're listening or reading post like this? Please create a better campaign lay out. No more forcing us to re race F cars once we unlock the thunder! I prefer it goes from F to rocket and not having to look back. I honestly don't know anyone that would preferr to race in a Fiesta when they have a McLaren.

zootang2865d ago

The 360 doesn't even work with wheels like the G25 and G27 and it expects to be the most realistic racer.

State of Matter2865d ago

@The reaperson
Kazunori Yamauchi did indeed say a lot of things that did NOT happen in GT5, MS may talk big but at least they dont out and out lie. For the life of me I dont get why people like you get all upset @ MS/T10 for promising that their game will be great, and then delivering a great game.

But you give Yamauchi a complete pass for saying ridiculous things like, "GT5 will look better than reality", and "we want to make sure the game is perfect", then release a game thats 80% PS2 game with a pile of flaws.

Yamauchi should be a little more aware of the competition, because by ignoring it they managed to pump out a game that does not have many basics of the modern racer perfected.

Perhaps a little pride and boasting in your work is not such a bad thing after all, at least we know your trying to meet a goal. It seems like Poly was just trying to meet a launch date.

IRetrouk2865d ago

how much gt5 have you played? seems to me like you know nothing about the game, 80 percent ps2 game my arse, im level 22 and the game is nothing short of fantastic.
Anyway, Forza 4 should be good, looking forward to it, will def be the best racer on 360.

-Alpha2865d ago


I know many times where Sony has claimed to have the best product. So long as it isn't said in any flamebait sense then I see no issue. And T10 didn't say it, MS did according to the title.

gypsygib2865d ago

@ Nitrowolf2 lol, that's so true, there nothing kinect is going to offer that a wheel won't do better to increase the realism in a racing.

ShinMaster2865d ago (Edited 2865d ago )


Edit: http://cdn.medialib.compute...
Great! They read the brochure.
Is this really part of the gameplay? Oh well

ssean2272865d ago

How are the Fanatec wheels? I perordered the Fanatec GT2 clubsport edition also not really knowing what to expect. I just went off what I heard. I have a g27 how do they compare?

Boody-Bandit2865d ago

Fanatec wheels are the best wheel in sim racing under $1000 dollars. I have own most of the wheels on the market and played with them all at one time or another, including wheels that cost +3k. Fanatec wheels are in a league of their own for a gaming console.

Dee_912865d ago (Edited 2865d ago )

well it better be
seeing that its coming a whole year after gt5

id expect them to capitalize on some things gt5 missed
be exactly what forza 3 is to forza 2 which is majority of the new stuff couldve been DLC

gt5 is great and id give it a 9 but they didnt fully fulfill its potential
it might be too soon to speak tho because there might be dlc and patches coming in the furture

either way this might be a reason for me to buy another xbox if i hear good things about it ... not from reviews .. they lost allll respect with the gt5 halfassed reviews lol

NecrumSlavery2865d ago

"There is nothing wrong with the claim. If this was Sony talking about GT people hating this would love it, simple as that.

MS's simulator has to aim to be the best, I wouldn't expect anything less from any studio.

Fighting words, but nothing that doesn't sound like healthy competitive talk. We simply will have to wait and see"

Alpha you are trolling from the middle ground again. Turn 10 is one of the most childish and arrogant devs in the world. I would like to think that they would be as humble as Kaz, who has never spoke ill words of MS. This may be competition, but MS is known for its excutive grade-A toolsbags who believe the best way to win a competition is to lie, hype, and bash the hell out of other devs.

Kon_Artist 2865d ago

Microsoft should really consider doing stand up comedy.

Millah2865d ago

Let's see, GT5 with a Logitech G27 or a video camera with gesture based controls lacking any sort of force feedback.

Yea pretty sure they already lost the "realism" department. Nothing comes close to a high quality force feedback wheel, certainly not kinect. And Microsofts Xbox wheel (which is practically the only wheel for 360) doesn't even compare to the likes of a G27.

Why not go ask the real racing sim fans and experts. There's a channel on YouTube called insidesimracing, which is a show entirely for sim racing fans on PC games like iRacing. They called Forza a fun arcade racer, but not even close to a true sim. And these guys play all the true sims for the PC with the best quality wheels you can buy. They didn't hate on Forza, just said it's not a sim racer.

8thnightvolley2865d ago (Edited 2865d ago )

turn 10 can do it... its the final round gt6 aint coming out till at least next decade if 4 to 5 took 6 years 5 to 6 should be around 7 8 years roughly so the lead is their for the taking which i am sure they wil out do gt5 easily.... hell maybe even throw in a couple of new IPs as PD fights to get the next one out..which i am sure by then ps4 would be ready and they would have to upgrade it to ps4 graphics level.. so in all sense of it gt6 .. is gonna take 10 years.. to get out.. at least..if any less they would have 3 tiers of cars... ULTRA which is ps4 with about 100 cars permium which is ps3 with 200 ..and standard which is 800 which is ps2... slap 1100 cars on the pack and say its gt6

there i predict the future..

alien6262865d ago

i like to rewind in real life too =D

d3nworth12865d ago (Edited 2865d ago )

@State of Matter yeah just like how MS didn't lie being able to scan real world objects into games and use them and used pre recorded footage and actors to show off kinect.Do you know how we found out that GT5 would drop frame rate? Kazunori Yamauchi openly admitted it when was the last time MS or Turn 10 or and developer admitted and flaw in their game prior to launch?

jib2865d ago (Edited 2865d ago )


sorry but from my experience--porsche wheel + club sport pedals > G27

heres a second opinion from inside sim racing:

skip to 25min for wheel impressions. fanatec impression: "very precise. by far the best package for gran turismo 5" so many people here keep saying the MS wheel is the only one for forza

not sure what you're talking about. they mention forza 3 having the best physics/simulation on any console at the time of the review

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DigitalAnalog2865d ago (Edited 2865d ago )

Moreover, I want realistic tracks, like GT5. It's pretty useless to have a perfectly simulated car when you can't drive in a perfectly simulated track.

-End of Line

vsr2865d ago

No proof! only words!

Regular two year cycle crap game limited to few fans and limited sales.

Is this the new definitive game?

Pollak2865d ago

Personally I would prefer more made up tracks. My favorites in GT & Forza were always the made up ones as they were more interesting.

IcarusOne2865d ago

The 2 year cycle is fine by me, because in 2 years, Turn 10 managed to crank out a title that does give GT5 a run for its money. I own both and enjoy on a Fanatec wheel. Personally I don't care much if Turn 10 tweaked their courses to be more fun. After all, that's why I'm playing. For fun.

GT5 is the best sim around easily, but to shrug Forza off like it's Mario Kart or some arcade racer is ridiculous. The only reason GT fans hate Forza so much is because it's competition. Good competition. If you're not wearing fanboy goggles, you can't deny that Turn 10 is doing a lot of things right. And only three games into the franchise.

As an aside, I reeeeeally hate GT's menu system. Several of the reviews I've read have taken off points over how antiquated and unintuitive it is, and they're right. When you call yourself the greatest racing sim ever, I don't expect 80% of my time in the game to be spent dealing with the frustration of just trying to find a race I have a car for.

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MariaHelFutura2865d ago

"MS aims sights at Gran Turismo 5 with Kinect sequel"

That`s too funny.

Good Luck.

LastDance2865d ago

I look forward to seeing turn 10 on forums trolling closer to the release date.

Because that's what professional developers do.

specialguest2865d ago

I don't believe that GT5 is the most realistic racer a racing game can be. There's still a lot of room for improvement. If the possibility is out there (which there is), then Forza 4 has the potential to be the most realistic racer on any console.

RememberThe3572865d ago

The physics is Forza are it's weakest link to me, and one of the most important parts of the game. GT5 feels real, it feels like it should. Forza still has a kind of arcade feel to the driving that I just don't like as much.

My only gripe about GT5 is that it holds your hand for too long. I want to be able to adjust my gear box immediately, for instance.

Forza does a lot of things right and I think your right, if it can fix it's driving physics it might be able to hang with GT. I'm just not confident that will happen.

UCMEandICU2865d ago

you still keep falling for it over and over again. Is there no hope for sanity this gen?

trancefreak2865d ago

Ill buy forza Like I said before I prefer ps3 but it does not make the xbox any lessor. I play the best games where I find them.

Now after playing gt5 im excited for forza!

State of Matter2865d ago

Bravo, Im with you, I prefer PS3 myself, but I also own a 360 and I have no problem at all playing 360 games or loving them just as much as my PS3 games.

For me its all about the games, you talk trash and dont deliver, im pissed, and I dont care what console your exclusive to. So far T10 has delivered when they talk trash, but if FM4 turns out to be a rushed excuse to push Kinect, T10 and MS will hear it from me as a consumer.

Abriael2865d ago (Edited 2865d ago )

Interesting how they don't even notice that they put two completely conflicting messages in the same sentence.

They boast about realism (which they have boasted about even with forza 3, with disappointing results), and then about customization.

Too bad that the more customization and parts you add to a simulator, the less a simulator it becomes, unless you have a few years to mount all those parts on a real car (and in all combination) to test and gather data from the results, they're just adding semi-arbitrary values to other semi-arbitrary values that have nothing to do with simulation.

Add to that the presence of parts that aren't even available in the real world, and there's one nice arcade game you have.

RedRedSuitSDF2865d ago

I know... it's going to take a lot for them to beat the Definitive racer which is Forza 3. The best racing sim this gen so far, ranking with a 92 overall on Metacritic.

Elven62865d ago

You guys realize this was simply a PR quote? Such quotes largely aren't said by a developer, publisher, etc or attributed to anyone specifically but mostly created by the marketing people to build hype.

It's equivalent to what you would find on the back of the game case with quotes like "Most realistic XX".

dumahim2865d ago

Don't worry. Dan Greenawalt and the others will be spouting off these same comments in interviews as soon as possible, just like he did for Forza 3.

LiquifiedArt2865d ago

I despise M$.

They spew the biggest nonsense. Humility is worth alot these days, so much so, that your lack there of will turn me away from being a consumer and fan.

Thank you for making the choice easy.

Pollak2865d ago

The biggest piece on nonsense spouted this gen was when Sony said we should want to work two jobs to afford a PS3.

Both companies hype their products. Why you would hate one but not the other for this is beyond me.

fr0sty2865d ago

The difference is, sony hypes their products. MS trash talks other product to hype their own.

State of Matter2865d ago

Oh yeah fr0sty, kinda like when Sony said xbox 360 was xbox 1.5, or when Sony said it was silly for Microsoft to have multiple skus of the same console, only to later launch PS3 with multiple skus, or when Sony constantly claims that no other console is capable of doing or running the games that are on PS3?

Please be quiet, BOTH companies talk trash and frankly SONY was doing it long before Microsoft could, because it was Sony who was on top until this gen.

It just shows how much of a delusional fanboy you are to not realize this.

jessupj2865d ago (Edited 2865d ago )

Differece is Sony has seemed to have grown up and learnt from their mistakes. Microsoft on the other hand... hardly a day goes by they don't beat their chests or indirectly trash talk the competition.

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Dirk Benedict2865d ago ShowReplies(1)
FinalSpartan2865d ago

who else will it be then? there no other competition out there in terms of sims? only arcade racers and bumper car games....

fr0sty2865d ago

you obviously haven't played GT5. I'd hardly call the most advanced damage simulation ever featured in a game a "bumper car game".

thesummerofgeorge2865d ago

MS and their false bravado... They talked the same shit with F3, but who knows, maybe it'll be true one of these times....

fr0sty2865d ago

Oh wow, they've already started talking shit again. That's how you know to expect the same old garbage, they have to resort to trash talking the competition to sell their product to you rather than letting it sell itself on it's own merit.

gman_moose2865d ago (Edited 2865d ago )

Even if they do succeed, why talk shit about it a year in advance. God, these guys are immature. Microsoft CREATED fanboys because of garbage like this.

Unknow_Master2865d ago

nice turn 10 know how to do a real driving simulation
at least poly-phonies try. they gave there fan a shinning sh!t and they accepte it
if you dont beleive me well look at forza metascore and gt5 metascore then you will know what is the defenitive driving simulation

AC130-Gunship2865d ago (Edited 2865d ago )

Microsoft loves this shit.. It almost validates the XBox 360 console. "The premiere developer for the PS3 console fucks up a product launch"!! WTF!!!

Games are looking just as good (and in some cases better) on the Xbox 360 plus the User Interface is friendlier (mostly, too many Ads). Playtations XMB has become antiquated and slow and not fun. It's like Playstation is not interested in frying the competition while they have the advantage.

Listen... Microsoft's antitrust behavior is well documented. Netscape Navigator fell due to Microsoft's Internet Explorer co-opted fuctionality being bundled with the Windows operating system. Microsoft was the "Death Knell" to Apple back in 1997 by co-opting the Macintosh Interface into Windows 95. Apple had to take a $150 million loan from Microsoft to keep its doors open. These are just a couple of examples of the company Playstation is competing against. It is also the main reasons why a lot of gamers don't like Microsoft. Microsoft and Innovation are polar opposites.

Playstation, Wake up, Wake up, Wake up!!!

Orionsangel2865d ago

A bold claim where we won't have to wait 6 years to be disappointed.

showtimefolks2865d ago

but the biggest racing market is WW that's where sony has the pure route.

GT5 is better known WW and guys from PD don't run their mouth free dlc/updates/patches(that's what i call support)

also let me know when a game sells/shipps 5.52million in 14 days

and the thing about sell or ship understand this no company in gamig today report or can report sold they all report shipped

and we have to live with that

i am sure they can improve GT5 is already out take what GT5 does best(SIM DRIVING) and improve on everything else its not that hard to improve forza 4 since gt5 is there to lead them in a way

Tron_Rocks2865d ago

BUT NOT 5 FRICKIN YEARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sheddi2865d ago

Well said! Hip hip hooray!

Objective2865d ago

Don't see why this is a bold claim. Forza 3 as a simulator is rated better than GT5, so any improvement to Forza 4 over 3 will get the job done. Handle the truth please, GT5 fell way short of the mark.

Kon_Artist 2865d ago

so according to your theory. gt6 will take 7 to 8 years to make even though they said gt6 will take a lot less then gt5 becouse they started pretty much from scratch.

look at killzone 2. how long it took to make that. and look at killzone 3.

you my friend. Fail.

lol.i cannttt wait til i see gameplay of forza 4 :) im sooo excited to see how itll look like without cgi.

punkpop1012865d ago

Damn right.Since we've all seen how the definitive real driving simulator that we waited for 6 years sucked.