A New Order: X360 HW to Top Combined Sony HW in Americas in 2010?

Times are changing. For much of the last decade, Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft have fought for the hearts and minds of video game players worldwide. From 2001 to 2009, the results were the same:

Either Nintendo or Sony sold the most units of video game hardware (portables + consoles) in every important world market. Whoever didn't sell the most finished second.

With only three players for video game hardware, Microsoft was locked in third place when it came to total units of hardware sold. But the old order now appears to be cracking in the Americas, and particularly the United States, even though the Nintendo / Sony lock on first and second place for total hardware sales will remain intact on a worldwide basis.

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GraySnake2960d ago

sigh.... here before the flames begin...

forcefullpower2960d ago

Or maybe we could stop using VGChartz

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visualb2960d ago

*clicks article*

*sees VGChartS*

*replies to ignorant comment by midnighter*

*replies to Action Bastard describing his actions and regrets*

*closes window*

gamingisnotacrime2960d ago

As long as i have the option to buy a PlayStation, i dont care about what MS achieves or whatever

ImmortalLegend2960d ago

That's how it should be. If you're so confident in your system of choice, there's no need to worry about other systems. Although, I get the best of both worlds owning both the PS3 and 360 :)

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The story is too old to be commented.