BioWare: "Our best work is still ahead of us"

BioWare have rightly gained a reputation for creating some of the best videogames on the planet. But according to boss and co-founder Dr. Ray Muzyka, the company’s best games are the ones they haven’t released yet. And that includes Mass Effect 3, which was revealed over the weekend.

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Game-ur2868d ago

One of my favorite developers. I want a new IP from them.

Quagmire2868d ago

Something which isnt an RPG. Yes they do them well, but give em a challenge to see if they can pull of another genre altogether.

The Meerkat2868d ago

No thanks.

Let them hone what they are good at.

kramun2868d ago

The company was founded by people who loved rpg games and wanted to make great rpg games. They've done a damn fine job with pretty much everything they've released.

Why would they want to make other genres of games when they are experts in their field?

UCMEandICU2867d ago

they went with the shooter demographic and it seems to have worked out well for the shooter base and EA but not so much for RPG gamers.

Don't know how ME3 will turn out. I can only hope they go more RPG for this one but looking at that trailer it seems to me that it had a very Halo CE vibe especially at the end and they are going even deeper into making the game a shooter.

Sabre_G2867d ago (Edited 2867d ago )

I'm very sceptical with all these release dates atm. Mass Effect and Skyrim both with 11.11.11 release dates.

While both would still sell well, they may have overlooked one key factor, Modern Warfare 3. Its as inevitable as tomorrow, and looking back at 2009 when many games were pushed back because they didnt want to go against it. The history shows that COD games are released second week of November.

I can see one or both being pushed into 2012. BTW I dont like COD, I just looking ahead with eyes wide open

TheGameFoxJTV2867d ago

Why even mention CoD? Is this series even going to be relevant in the future? Seriously, the CoD series is losing more and more appeal to everyone every time they re-release the same game with a new title. Hopefully people realize that CoD is a generic shooter that isn't the best anymore. CoD4 pushed something different, but since then other brands have up and surpassed it.

Sabre_G2867d ago

COD breaks records every year its released. I havent bought a COD game since COD 4, but I knows its impact and I think very likely that if MW3 is released on or near 11.11.11 then the other games will fall back since they know the fanbase for COD its massive and if gamers or forced to buy one of 3 games, most will choose COD. I wish they would'nt but they would

femshep2867d ago

sorry dude there will be no modern warfare 3
sledgehammer is doing it so its prolly gonna end up being future warfare.....and Mass effect and Elder scrolls are still 20x better then any call of duty

Myst2868d ago

I can definitely see the truth in that statement.

SnakeMustDie2868d ago

BioWare always deliver quality. Mass Effect 3, I want it now!!

ddurand12868d ago

I hope that is true because I intend to play the shit out of mass effect 2 when it hits my ps3 in January.

beavis4play2867d ago

me too! (at least till KZ3 hits)

i'm also SUPER stoked for ME3 after seeing the trailer. i can't tell everyone how happy i am at the ME series coming to ps3 so i can play!.

now if L4D would only come to ps3........

fllysurfer2868d ago

Kinda of sad if a developer came out to say " Our best work is behind us"... duh

RedDead2868d ago (Edited 2868d ago )

Why would they tell us a sequel will be worse than the last one? I hate articles like this.

Edit---So do I, they changed the complaints and made them worse, exploring planets became even worse, the Rpg elements sorta took a blow for a more shooter type of experiance and long loading elevators became long loading screens.

ElementX2868d ago

I think ME2 was worse than the 1st one...

unkn0wn2868d ago

"Why would they tell us a sequel will be worse than the last one?"

Maybe because it's not, maybe because with all the stuff they've learned through ME 1 & 2 that they sincerely believe that the third will be a bigger accomplishment, and perhaps with the fourth, if it were, and so on.

The only thing I don't understand is why you posted on this article if you hate it so much. I get enough nagging from my super fat girlfriend, I don't need it on my beloved N4G.

RedDead2868d ago (Edited 2868d ago )

They're hardly going to say,

....."Mass effect 2 was our limit".....

And yes it likely will be better but that's expected, no need for an article on it. New games are expected to be better than older ones. Right?

unkn0wn2868d ago (Edited 2868d ago )

Maybe some poor sap, while wackin' it to his long-awaited ME3 trailer suddenly stopped and thought, "I don't know if they can top ME2". Like my fat girlfriend. She's so fat. Fatty fat.

Edit -- Those people exist. I exist.

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f00pgames2868d ago

Hih hih, Right! I hope they'll come up with somethings better , I'm quite sure they will

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