The Top 10 Video Games That Should Be Made Into Movies

Video games have become much cooler than movies as their story lines are not hamstrung by a plethora of development executives and businessmen worried if the stories will be able to connect with a broad audience. No, video games are still in the business of servicing themselves and their own story lines, for the sake of just being kick-ass. It is one of the reasons more and more studios are riding the success of these games and buying up their rights. Video games are building audiences for themselves with fresh and original content, and studios use that to make nice tent pole films with less risk for themselves. The problem thus far has been that most video game adaptations have just flat out stunk.

With one of the more successful video game franchises on both the small and large screen Resident Evil dropping its third installment, Resident Evil: Extinction, in wide release later this month along with the big budget version of Hitman hitting theaters later this fall,'s Carter Swan started thinking, "What games need to see a multiplex sooner rather than later?"

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MK_Red4057d ago

Seriously bad list.
Where are: Darkness, Devil May Cry, Oblivion, Prince of Persia, Killer 7 (weird movie), Monkey Island and many more. And GTA at number one, higher than MGS and GOW?

monkey6024057d ago (Edited 4057d ago )

Yeah the list sucks, But if they made a Darkness movie then wouldn't it be another comic movie? I thought The Darkness game was based on a comic I could be wrong though.

monkey6024057d ago

I would be excited if any of my favourite games were being made into movies I like Tomb Raider, Silent Hill and Resident Evil but there's also that fear deep inside that it may be spoiled and turn out awful like so many before it.

Sven Benoit4057d ago

us cavemen love halo.... halo definitely should become a movie... whats the hold up?

Salvadore4057d ago

I would really like to see Lair being made into a movie.

monkey6024057d ago

I could imagine crytics giving it 1 and 2 out of 10 just because it's Lair

nirwanda4057d ago

reign of fire wasn't that great lair wouldn't be much different.

nirwanda4057d ago

would make a good movie
still can't beleave that mario was made into a film did they read the script before giving it a big budget

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The story is too old to be commented.