Resolution: Gran Turismo 5 review

Resolution's Chris Schilling writes: Messy, self-indulgent, poorly-structured and extremely late – but enough about this review – Gran Turismo has finally crawled out of the development mire to putter apologetically onto PS3. By the internet reaction, you’d think Polyphony Digital had spent the last five years clubbing baby seals or that Kazunori Yamauchi was somehow responsible for the continued existence of the Black Eyed Peas. This week I spent some time with SNES racer Top Gear, which has a choice of four cars. It shows how far we’ve come in 18 years that people are disappointed when a mere 200 of 1000 cars are lovingly rendered right down to the interior stitching, while therest are slightly tarted up versions of (still decent) last-gen models. Expectations, eh?

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nix2918d ago

yup.. and i repeat what i said earlier... i've realised that GT5 is feeling more like a RPG for me. i look at the cars i have won/bought that has been upgraded fully. i sure wont be letting my friends drive these babies when they come over. if they crash (which they will), i'll have to pay thru my nose. lvl 20 here. i feel like i own that 'Demon's Souls' character.. if he kept dying the world became darker.. q:

Bounkass2918d ago

Lol, I agree, but just race twice and you can afford a body rigity option. Plus, I smashed up my Skyline BAD:Y once at level 40, performed the body rigity option, and didn't notice any difference whatsoever... It's not a real car. It's a game. Always will be. Simulator or not. Waste of credits...

nix2918d ago (Edited 2918d ago )

you know.. all my expensive cars are 'damaged'. there are two cars which will cost me 500k credits each to repair the body. i drove my Skyline like my life depended on it (but still lost the GT All star championship)... so i don't even know how much it's gonna cost me.

right now i'm driving the cars in whatever state it is.. but it's always gonna bother you when you know that you're car isn't in a perfect condition. q:

and i wonder how i can win that stupid GT All Star Championship? it's really tough!

EDIT: and dear mod, how do i turn off the "has replied to" notification? and it's kinda funny to get the "nix has replied to your..." notification, you know. just saying!

@DigitalAnalog: when i play and crash i try to restart that race hoping that it doesn't get saved but everytime i quit the race in between, the 'Save' icon blinks.. i get worried by that.

DigitalAnalog2918d ago

Hey Bounkass, what difference did you notice transitioning from level 1 till 40? BTW, could you just restart the race when you damage your car midway to resume normality or does the damage stay? I'm getting worried now.

-End of Line

Haly2918d ago

Ironic considering the amount of people who complained when bigger sites rushed their reviews for the sake of hits ;)

The Meerkat2918d ago

Just what I was thinking.

f00pgames2918d ago

Liked your username! very kickass

clintos592918d ago

Messy, self-indulgent, poorly-structured and extremely late is your crappy review but enough about this crappy review, GT5 is the best racing sim this next gen. Nuff said.

PlayerX2918d ago

Damage Control for the win.

clintos592918d ago

Prove me wrong with better features on another game this gen? U cant. Prove me wrong with a better driving/racing gameplay on another game this gen. U cant. Prove me wrong with better graphics on any other racing sim game this gen. U cant. Prove me wrong with more content delivered in one game on any other racer out there this gen? U cant.

Yeah there are flaws in GT5 but the same can be said for every other racer out there. My point is reviews may not be as great as people expected but GT5 TRIUMPHS every other racer in every way. So no im not damage controlling, you are just as blinded as the media to see the truth about GT5.

Ducky2918d ago (Edited 2918d ago )

Are we talking about consoles or including PCs?

There's a few simulators for the ole 'puter that can outclass GT5.
Probably isn't on the same visual level though

... although driving/gameplay is subjective. Some prefer Burnout over a GT game.

To each his own.

Boody-Bandit2918d ago (Edited 2918d ago )

clintos59 specifically said sim racer so Burnout doesn't fit.

IMO GT5 is the best sim racer on a console this generation. But what would I know, it's only my favorite genre and I have only played nearly every racer made this gen on both consoles.

Ducky2918d ago (Edited 2918d ago )

Hmm, didn't read his first comment. His second comment mentioned "racers" instead of sims.

If we go by racing sims, then there's like what... three on the consoles?

I'll agree though, GT5 does top any racing sim on consoles.
I just don't like it when people take a game they like to be the best and then try to show it as a fact. It's opinions. =)

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BYE2918d ago

Might be a little off topic but if you wanna see a really good indepth review, these guys know their stuff:

FishCake9T42918d ago

LOL Just watched all 50 mins of it just before i read your comment. ISR actually know what they are talking about.

bunfighterii2918d ago

A great review. Sums up how I feel about the game!

It's just a brilliant game in its own messy way.