Games you should try on Wii, released before 2011

This article and page I've done myself, it's my first website, don't be very angry, it has many flaws, but it contains many great games & trailers, that maybe some could missed..there are only retail games, no Wiiware, no virtual goal is to show to some games to people, who still believe that Wii doesn't have great games..I I can count on thingers these games, that I didn't finished, I tell you, I will.. WII IS ALIVE!! :) and remember - don't judge book by it's cover :)

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Venoxn4g4436d ago

sorry mates for a design flaws, first website.. that was a big work for me to compile this pile :) I hope you'll enjoy this :) maybe you'll find games that didn't know about at all, all games rating is based by my opinion..WII RULEZ :)Interesting, how much disagrees will I get from other consoles lovers.. :)

thanks for appreciating..

DarkFantasy4436d ago

i would of left out that bit about the ps3 and xbox360,but i understand how you fell i love my wii as well and i hate the constant bashing the fanboys give it i only have a Ps3 and a wii i play most of my hardcore games there but there are time when i want some thing diffrent to play thats when i turn on my wii :P,been playing new super Mario bros almost have it beaten,my favorite games have got to be Monster Hunter Tri,Super Mario galaxy,Mario Kart and GoldenEye 007 which i think is the best shooter on the wii! and every one who wants a good shooter on the wii should get it,its fun online as well.the only thing i dont like about wii and probably why i play my ps3 more is lack of online games.but the few that are there are good,Mario kart is ALWAYS fun imo :P

Knight-Nui4436d ago

For a first, it's a decent effort. Some controversial choices (Tornado Outbreak? Really?) but all in all a good list for those who don't aprechiate what the Wii can do.

Venoxn4g4436d ago

have you tryed tornado outbreak? :) it's a very fun game, really..and gets hard..katamari style game :) maybe you just didn't try this type of games or just don't like it? :) opinion is opinion :) there are many more great games like "A boy and his blob", elebits and others.. :) I am not a fanboy, but I am equal to all consoles, because I rate games, not for graphics and features, just for games itselves :)

KillingAllFanboys4436d ago

finally something good about the Wii so happy XD this website bash the Wii so much and dont know that the Wii is a awesome system just like the rest!!!

Shnazzyone4436d ago (Edited 4436d ago )

I'm sorry to whomever posted this. I simply cannot read this. There is too much going on in this page. Tone it down a little. I'd criticize your grammar but I immediately found I couldn't read it with the background picture blending with the text. Also, title the page.

Sorry, hope you can redo this article later, I'll happily give it a read on a page less cluttered.

Shnazzyone4435d ago

Thanks for simplifying the page. Much better now. Nice effort.

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