Press Release With Info on The Upcoming inSANE triology

THQ Inc. announced today it has entered into a multi-year agreement with Guillermo del Toro, writer and director of Hellboy and the Oscar-winning Pan's Labyrinth, to create inSANETM, an original trilogy of triple-A games. To be developed by Volition, Inc.®, inSANE will deliver an unprecedented cinematic experience while redefining storytelling in gaming. The first chapter in the series is expected to launch in 2013.

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lets hope it live up to its name!!

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mugoldeneagle032919d ago

And what scares me is the release date. "2013" That's a long way off, and I know the PS3 has some legs and should be around for awhile but what about 360 & Wii?

I just hope new tech doesn't cause any problems with the development process. I've been very interested to see if any big named Hollywood directors could pull off something amazing on consoles, and if anyone can I think it's Del Toro. His movies and visions have been amazing so far

Rhezin2919d ago

2013? Why even bother announce it now


what was the point in having a full trailer just revealing a name?!?:)

SpaceSquirrel2919d ago

I wonder how much are they in development with the project


yea probably not alot. i think they wanna build that Rockstar Games hype that once was. Anyone remember the hype for GTA San Andreas? ooooooh

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TheGameFoxJTV2919d ago

Nope, I actually just remember buying the game when it came out. No idea it was in development. lol

Bounkass2919d ago

What's a triology? Dumbass.

Lyr1c2919d ago

Has THQ made anything worthwhile this gen?

I really can't think of one in all honesty.

Hopefully this breaks the dry spell.

Neckbear2919d ago (Edited 2919d ago )

THQ is a publisher-

Anyways, they picked up Double Fine games, published S.T.A.L.K.E.R. SoC and Metro 2033, among other games.

On the downside, they spit out alot of shovelware n' stuff.

Lyr1c2919d ago

I meant publish .____.

Anyways. I didn't like Metro 2033, but I know other people loved it. So I guess between that and Darksiders, they didn't do TOO badly. Just not what is expected.

Daver2919d ago

they published Darksiders, it was a very nice game

palaeomerus2919d ago

Saints Row
Saints Row 2
Red Faction Guerilla
Metro 2033
UFC: Udisputed
Smackdown Vs. Raw
Warhammer 40K: Space Marine
Red Faction Armageddon
Saint's Row 3
Devil's Third

fredfenster2919d ago (Edited 2919d ago )

This could be interesting. 2013 is far away, but still, I got my eyes on this one.

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