How to halve GT5 loading times - DigitalFoundry

DF writes: "Installing an SSD flash drive to your PlayStation 3 can radically cut down the loading times in Polyphony Digital's PS3 magnum opus, Gran Turismo 5."

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Bounkass2866d ago

Lol I'd rather keep my $30 250GB HDD than spending $150 (for example) on a decent 32GB SSD HDD...

Downtown boogey2866d ago (Edited 2866d ago )

Yeah... Besides, the standard load times on my 80Gig are about 15 o 30(MAX!) sec when installed on the HDD, so pretty much I've never gotten frustrated at all.

captain-obvious2866d ago

just log off PSN
but its not as slow as it used to be when the game first came out
so idk

hay2866d ago

Maybe I'm different but I don't find loadings long. I always read cars I'll be racing with and loading's done short moment later.

galgor2866d ago

Such a difference is to be expected.. but say if you were to go online, wouldn't you just be sitting waiting whilst everyone elses game was still loading? That'd get annoying.

Redempteur2866d ago

it already happens in lot of games.

for example i load quite fast in wipeout HD and i have to wait for others to finish loading.

And it's not that annoying IMO

Kon_Artist 2866d ago

godanm. is it really that big of a deal. just do the install and it wont be that bad

kasasensei2866d ago

"Installing an SSD flash drive to your PlayStation 3"
What's next? Watercooling the entire console?

The_KELRaTH2866d ago

I have a standard Slim 320GB and my track load times seem to sit in the middle between their SSD and HDD times.

Maybe they should have been more thorough with their test approach and included a fast 7200rpm 320GB drive (Seagate Momentus 7200.4 / WD Scorpio Black) and one of the latest with flash/Hybrid HDD's.

You don't watercool??? mine never leaves the bath lol

xTruthx2866d ago

Yeah my 500GB hdd is 7200rpm, everything loads fast :P

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The story is too old to be commented.