Michael Pachter: 'Nintendo 3DS will sell out into 2012'

The 3DS will experience sell-outs throughout 2011 and into 2012, according to analyst Michael Pachter.

The managing director of equity research at Wedbush Securities said the 3D-enabled device will appeal to all handheld owners.

"The 3DS will be a massive success. I think that the device is appealing to anyone who ever owned a handheld, including adults who owned Game Boy 15 years ago," he said.

"I expect the 3DS to be supply constrained for at least a year, and expect sell-outs through holiday 2011 and into 2012."

He said that Nintendo will "definitely gain a lot" from the device, such as a boost to handheld software sales, but added that it won't impact its console strategy.

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Kran2869d ago

Could have sworn he also said Handhelds would be out of fasion by 2011 :/

Urmomlol2869d ago

In other news, the sky will be blue tomorrow, I'll have to take a dump after my morning coffee and Patcher will once again make a prediction that anyone with even the barest semblance of common sense could make.

Stealth20k2869d ago

who would of guessed this? Is patcher a genius?

Nintendo dominating handhelds for 20 years, and this handheld would succeed?


Why doesnt he say something more obvious like the sky is blue