PALGN: The Sly Trilogy Review

PALGN: "As anyone will care to tell you, the faithful ol’ Playstation 2 was a console of varied pleasures, with a little something to appease fans of any genre. Those with predilections towards running, jumping, and collecting were particular well-catered for by the platform’s abundance of mascot-based platforming games (you know, those things which were all the rage from the days of the Nintendo 64 until the first-person shooting genre throttled gamers by the throat and dominated our collective consciousness). To wit, the Playstation 2 was graced with the Jak & Daxter trilogy (plus a later game not developed by Naughty Dog), a quartet of Ratchet & Clank titles, and, perhaps the most underrated of them all, the Sly Cooper trilogy, which may (whisper it) have just been the pick of the proverbial litter. Developed by Sucker Punch (of inFamous fame), each of the Sly games was a bright, charming platforming title with the aesthetic of a Saturday morning cartoon and the refined mechanics of Nintendo’s best forays in the genre."

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