Resistance 3 will be “darker” and more “focused”

Insomniac’s confirmed the story of Resistance 3 will be “darker” and more “focused” than its predecessors.

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ComboBreaker3497d ago (Edited 3497d ago )

for the details on Single Player Campaing, Split Screen Co-op and, Multi-player.

Nitrowolf23497d ago (Edited 3497d ago )

I hope they lower players.60 players just seemed way to much for me for this game. At least some where between 32-40.

Also i would love old map packs. USS Lexington awesome map

GameSectorNet3497d ago (Edited 3497d ago )

@Nitrowolf2 It's already been confirmed they will be scrapping the 60 player multiplayer, although they haven’t yet confirmed the amount that will replace it.

archemides5183497d ago

i hope they keep it at at least 32 players, to make up for killzone 3 dropping it from that

TheLastGuardian3497d ago (Edited 3497d ago )

Resistance 3 will blow FOM,2 and Retribution away. It's my most anticipated FPS of 2011 and the release date is on my birthday. I want alot more awesome weapons than before and gritty environments like FOM. I'm excited to see how Insomniac well insomniac can integrate campaign co-op.

12-32 player multiplayer modes is good for me. For Multiplayer I want a nice leveling system, no 10,000 kill trophy and a customizable weapon wheel. Insomniac is making different maps specifically for Multiplayer. This isn't from the campaign, it's a multiplayer map in Resistance 3.

Trebius3497d ago

I hope they DO have a 10,000 kill trophy. Make it 15,000 this time. Cause that trophy was the best one to get.

Dont be a pu$$y.

There's harder trophies to get than that.

DORMIN3497d ago

After rewatching the trailer and pausing it, the game looks AMAZING.

Can't wait. DAY ONE.

Headquarters113497d ago (Edited 3497d ago )

I hate MP games with large quantity of players/large maps. It's okay for games like battlefield or MAG. I hope Resistance 3 can keep the player count to 24 and under.

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SoapShoes3497d ago

Um, more than R1. It says predecessors in plural.

showtimefolks3497d ago

played the first didn't finsih played the 2nd finished and loved online co-op

so if they make the story better/darker and immrove online and co-op please we have ourself 2 AAA FPS from sony in 2011 KZ3 and resistance 3

also who is with me sony needs to advertise resistance franchise like they do with KZ

Nicaragua3497d ago

In the UK Sony has always advertised the resistance franchise more than killzone. In fact they dont really advertise killzone at all.

morganfell3497d ago

They have confirmed that co-op this time will be through the entire Single Player campaign but will be different than "add player 2". It will be the full campaign with major differences in gameplay and incidents for each single and co-op play. They discuss this in the officially FAQ and the devs have provided more info on the forums.

Jaces3497d ago

I like the sound of that. It's a grim time for the human race, what the hell will save them now?

Downtown boogey3497d ago

Resistance 1 wasn't focused at all!
You didn't really have any clear objectives or an overall plan across the story.

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HOTA9X3497d ago

And a little bit more scary I hope.

ThanatosDMC3497d ago

Yeah, like that one part in R2 with all those cocoons. I swear i destroyed them all just in case something comes out.

Nitrowolf23497d ago (Edited 3497d ago )

That was my issue between 1 and 2
1 felt like i had to watch those corners, whereas with 2 it just felt like i was playing another shooter. To much lighting in 2 IMO. Hell even the online portion of one, i always hated seeing chimera team, they always seem the scare the sh1t out of me at one point of the match.

I'm really loving the trailer with the gameplay,

Just the color/lighting difference.

R3 seems to get rid of that glow yellow look from the trailer.

Hazmat133497d ago

do they have offline split screen co op?

archemides5183497d ago (Edited 3497d ago )

yes it has been confirmed, story mode

btw when they have this, it is also pretty much confirms that it will be 3d compatible too, in the very least at half-resolution.

GameSectorNet3497d ago

Yes, it’s already been confirmed. The second player will assume the role of John Harper, while the first will assume the role of Capelli. It’s currently been confirmed for offline split-screen only, but it’s probably safe to assume it will be available online as well.

Hit the link below for further details.

ThanatosDMC3497d ago

Is there an online co-op for the campaign? I dont mind the 8-player co-op but i want online co-op for the single player campaign.

brew3497d ago

2 player co-op through the campaign (online and off)

There's no seperate co-op like the 8-player one at all.

ThanatosDMC3496d ago

Awesome! Thanks! Looks like im buying two copies.

Sarobi3497d ago

surprisingly i loved the multiplayer on both games, it was just flat out fun, the co-op on R2 never seemed to get old, i just hope R3 follows up to be just as good if not better then its past, i have high hopes

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