Fight Night Takes The Hook Out Of Hooks?

Kotaku writes:

"Fight Night Takes The Hook Out Of Hooks? This Official Xbox Magazine preview of Fight Night Champion offers a look at the boxing franchise's gameplay. More importantly, they're fooling with the analog controls again. Sounds like hooks and uppercuts won't need the winding motions to execute anymore."

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Blaze9292866d ago

Didn't know the game was coming out in March - Move/Kinect support is looking dim now. How cool would it have been to have optional motion controller support for this game? I know it can't just be me who wants that.

eggbert2866d ago

It'd probably harder to program that support in than you think because the controllers (move at least) would have to be 1:1 up until the point of impact of the punch. Since the characters limbs can't be going through each other in the game, I imagine it'd be a pretty big hassle to get the game to be 1:1 during the punches, but then follow their "physics" trajectory after impact.

Also, the motion controls would offer a wider variety of angles to punch from, since the last games you could only ever do head level or body level punches.

Blaze9292866d ago

I'm sure they'll be able to get it down with Move eventually. Maybe Fight Night 6.

mikeslemonade2866d ago (Edited 2866d ago )

I don't really care if the motion control option is broken. It would be fun to finally have a boxing sim that you can use motion controls on. Put it this way, if they incorporate motion control in the game I'd buy it, but if they don't i'd rent it. I mean really, what are they adding to the game other than minor graphic enhancements and changing the controls a bit. I'm not buying the game full price unless they have motion control in it.

Blaze9292866d ago

that's EXACTLY what I'm saying.

Wh15ky2865d ago

Don't believe what the idiot reviewers said about The Fight: Lights Out, the game works very well once you upgrade your fighters stats and it is 1 to 1.
It would be fantastic to have a proper boxing game with the same controls.
I usually look forward to Fight Night games but this one is just not doing it for me. I think it's the dissapointment of no move controls.

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jack who2866d ago (Edited 2866d ago )

ea i stopped my boy court of all your games cause you opened your eyes and gave us all the need for speed we all been waiting for. now if you dont support my Kinect in this new fight night the boy court will back on!


Rainstorm812865d ago (Edited 2865d ago )

Boy court sound a lil funny......

It would be nice to see motion controls in fight night, didnt they have a fight night tech demo using kinect.....before it was kinect or natal??

Edit: yep but this clearly isnt fight night, is it me or does it look more accurate??? (no flamebait intended, just an observation)

Pennywise2865d ago

Boy court... Well that explains a lot.

tudors2865d ago

@mikeslemonade agreed.

M2865d ago

Buying this because of Pacman.

SuperK2865d ago

Im jus interested to see what this new championship mode is like. never been done before apparantly...... always get nervous when devs say that. hopefully it will be something new. EA career modes are all the same.

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The story is too old to be commented.