Will MW2's Sabotage Hurt Respawn Entertainment's Sales?

Paul writes, "...when Respawn Entertainment opens their doors for business and releases their first game under the EA umbrella, why should trust that they will make a truly innovative masterpiece again as they have with the original Medal of Honor and COD titles? Even if they do drop such a great title, won't we just expect them to churn out repetitive entries like they have done in the past? It seems like there is a huge possibility here for a backlash effect. Once a great reputation to have, now a portion of gamers are not all that respectful of the guys who invented "that game that comes out every year and never changes."

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meiamsome3494d ago

The answer for me is yes. Of course you will always have those people who will stick by these guys, and they deserve it, but MW2 really let a lot of people down. Perhaps more people liked MW2 than hated it but nonetheless the effect is there for a certain % of the crowd who does not appreciate the game and what West and Zempalla have done by making it.

Cevapi883494d ago

at least its a fresh start, if the game that they are developing now is a FPS, then of course people will compare it to CoD..i hope that the game is not an FPS, EA already has Medal of Honor, Bad Company and Battlefield...i just dont see how there is room for another shooter for EA to release all in one year...

who knows...stranger things have happened...but i really think this is the case of CoD being bigger than the two guys who gave birth to it years ago

StanLee3494d ago (Edited 3494d ago )

When Modern Warfare 2 was first announced, Infinity Ward wanted to drop Call of Duty from its title and even announced the game as Modern Warfare 2. What happened was, consumer awareness of the title dropped tremendously following that announcement. People don't care what iteration it is, Call of Duty is what people identify with. The core minority may care about the pedigree of Infinity Ward's titles as compared to Treyarch's but the majority of gamers who buy Call of Duty don't care. World at War received a lukewarm reception from the core community but sold over 14 million units; Black Ops has surpassed the massive launch of Modern Warfare 2. At the end of the day, only a small minority of the millions who play Call of Duty know who West or Zampalla are or care what their next game will be. They will however, be lined up in droves for the next Call of Duty title.

Tapey3494d ago

This. MW2 was hands-down the worst COD game by a considerable margin. Treyarch have done a good job of cleaning up their mess with Black Ops but there's no way I will touch whatever the ex-IW guys make at launch, I'll wait until a few weeks have passed and people have had a decent amount of time with it, because I don't think they have the ability to make a good game. I have absolutely zero respect for them as developers either considering the trashtalking they did about Treyarch back when they were working on MW2.

execution173494d ago

lol both were crap, and treyarch do suck ^^ only good they've done right is probably and only the zombie modes they did.

Muitnorts3494d ago

I personally prefer Modern Warfare 2. It's certainly no CoD4 but I thought it was miles better than Blops.
They're both fairly ridiculous but Blops tried to have a serious, layered story and failed for me. And had pretty much no memorable moments.

Baka-akaB3494d ago (Edited 3494d ago )

lol treyarch deserved the trash talking and still do .
At least IW's screw ups are their own .

Treyarch got the grunt work done for them with the engine , the multiplayer code and the basic gameplay , and still can't do much and without glitches and bugs and some rather meh level design .

BO might be better than mw2 , but so what ? MW2 was trash so its easy . When is treyarch ever going to propose something equal or better than MW1 ?

morganfell3494d ago

Respawn has a huge advantage. They know to be the next CoD they have to innovate and be different from CoD. Far too many studios only want their own CoD. From their perch they believe they have to copy CoD when nothing could be further from the truth. You have to innovate and bring something truly new, not just CoD with a few new perks.

CoD4 grabbed people because it was a fresh take. It was not a take on another game. Copycat = bargain bin.

It is amazing how many studio heads fail to realize this or are afraid to take the risk at something new not realizing that failure to do so guarantees failure.

Respawn has the biggest hurdle cleared - the financial freedom to do what they want.

SiLeNt KNighT3494d ago

MW2 left a bad taste in my mouth for the COD series. Black Ops earned a lot of that respect back. If Treyarch can sort out their server issues this really could be a pretty good game. The bad thing for Treyarch is not many people know that they even make the game. Sure people that read gaming sites will know the story, but for most Infinity Ward is the main developer and many people think COD just came back and have no clue it's a different developer. If no patches come for the glitches I've started to see and for new ones to come than this will be in the exact same boat as MW2. So far it's a pretty good game imo but there's much room for improvement and they have the capabilities to do patches but the question is will they?

NateCole3494d ago

But how much of their strained relation with Activision affected MWF2?. To this day most people would agree that COD4 is the best FPS this gen. Lets not forget this.

Its kinda sad to see people put them down already even before they have a chance to show their goods.

gamingdroid3494d ago

I don't know, but long after the game was released, MW2 still sells boat loads. Doesn't that mean people liked the game?

To me it seems more like a minority on hates the game. In fact, the community on in general hates just about anything. It's a very toxic environment here, which reminds me why am I still here?

Millah3494d ago (Edited 3494d ago )

Just about every important game designer from IW are with Respawn. These are the important people who actually designed the gameplay system, so to think that with more creative freedom they couldn't design another groundbreaking FPS would be stupid, especially now that they are motivated to beat their own creation. And they also aren't being controlled by the idiots at Activision. Don't forget that Acti hampered their creative freedom a lot, like how IW wanted COD2 to actually be set in modern times but Acti wouldn't allow them to.

The team at Respawn are very talented developers. They designed MOH Allied Assault, which was groundbreaking. They designed COD1, which was groundbreaking. They designed COD4, which was groundbreaking. It would be silly to think these guys can't design another groundbreaking title.

And seeing what happened to Medal of Honor after West and Zampellas team left EA, and how Call of Duty quickly toppled MOH, I wouldn't be surprised to see the same thing happen again only the tables have reversed this time.

gamingdroid3494d ago (Edited 3494d ago )

Creative freedom is good, but too much of it is also a bad thing. Case in point, Brutal Legend.

Surely it was a above average game, but it certainly had a much longer development time than average. I don't think the sales of that game paid for the development cost.

Just a thought.. I believe and hope that Respawn will make an excellent game, but it wouldn't suprise me if IW made another excellent game as well.

I believe the company culture is what creates a great game i.e. it is a team. I believe around 75% of the original employees are still with IW. After all Treyarch is able to make a great game, why wouldn't a studio with the majority of it's employees left be unable to?

showtimefolks3494d ago

since under activision they had to release their games at certein time and stuff with EAP they can take their time i thought EA should have given them the keys to medal of honor franchise and see if respawn can out their fingure prints on that franchise

but anyway hopefully we will find out what both respawn and insomniac are devolping under EA

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Hitman07693494d ago

For me they will have to re-earn my respect all over again. I respect them as game developers, and they've done way more than me, but compare them to other game devs like Naughty Dog and Insomniac and even Bungie and I think you see that they could have done much more. I believe there is no reason to assume their next game will be good and I await for them to prove it to me before caring about it...


Also, EA isn't that less corporatively conducted publisher than Activision. I can totally see EA reasigning those guys to MoH next year in order to compete with what can be the worst COD this gen (or the best, or the same, the fact is we don't even know who will do it) and try to reclaim it's crown, while not really asking much of an effort or support from Respawn to this game.

Personally, back in the COD4 I started disliking IW... Or better saying it, the lack of IW on CoD4, as sometimes I just asked myself if developers even played that game, cause the lack of support was ridiculous, the glitchs and bugs plagued the game and looked like IW simply wasn't doing anything with the feedback of it's fans. And them came in the map pack, some few crap maps for a lot of money... That could be said to be on Activision account, but I don't think EA will do any different, afterall those are the guys selling server slots after inventing online pass. IW should be the one to stand up against this crap tactic but they don't seen to care...

Anyway, the only shooter I'll be really needing next year is SOCOM4, the rest will depend on my wallet mood and it looks lke it will be on the down side of the stick.

dkblackhawk503494d ago

No...Activision will hire goons to do so instead.

scar203494d ago

I just want them to make a good game that can finally kill off cod but not be milked like cod.

BetaChris3494d ago

Respawn will be doing everything in their power to distinguish themselves from IW. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if they try to establish their new venture as the ANTI-IW...

...So, short answer is, no - I doubt very much Respawn will have any problems sales wise.

El_Colombiano3494d ago

By being anti-IW, they would be closing the gap between IW and themselves.

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