Gamepro: Playstation Home: Who's Using It And Why

The virtual world of PlayStation Home turns two years old tomorrow, and you're probably wondering why you should care. We’ll tell you why: 17 million people hang out in Home for an average of 70 minutes. So what do they know that you don't?

Joni-Ice4669d ago

Im using it. Why? Cause I like it.

rezzah4668d ago

I would, but I dont usually have the time. I got a lot of games to play out first.

ABizzel14668d ago

Home has changed a lot. I just logged in recently to see what's changed, and it's a simpler interface now, with more stuff to do and more feature.

Home will be in Beta until the PS4, that's when I think it'll really take off. By then everything should be streamlined allowing you to move from place to place instantly, have party system in Home, and more.

ComboBreaker4668d ago (Edited 4668d ago )

vs 17 millions peoples who loves Home and uses Home daily.

Sometimes, I forgot that N4G doesn't represent the view of the majority. In fact, N4G is the minority.

nix4668d ago

my Home doesn't work for me... it tries to update but nothing happens. i made lot's a friends there in the early days. and Xi was so so awesome! q:

Trebius4668d ago

I log in maybe 3 or 4 times a week. Just to walk around and see all the areas, or play poker with my friends. It's really evolving into something spectacular.

You can tell because of all the dozens of spaces bought by software companies.

There's so many game areas to explore it's incredible.

Chicago85064668d ago

uhhh..rezzah, u do know that u can actually do both.
Home has Game Launching.
U could visit Home, and just Game Launch when ya ready ta game...ya may even find someone (not) on ya friends list that will launch into the game with u.
The Game Launching still needs a bit of fixing, but the point is that u can visit Home and still do ya gaming.
Game on!

Immortal3214668d ago

N4G and home needs to combine.

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blumatt4668d ago

I think Home is going to be the portal for loads of minigames in the future. Home may become a small subscription based service where you can play 100s of arcade games and the like. Just my guess. Then of course there's the theory that Home will BE the XMB for the PS4. The latter could be cool if executed right.

Washington-Capitals4668d ago (Edited 4668d ago )

Im going to get auto disagrees from raging fanboys for my following opinion but i think it should be expressed.

The initial premise of home was to transform how psn users used their playstations. It was suppose to be a base for improving the social aspect of gaming. They wanted us to be able to meet up with all our friends in a room and launch the game from home among other things. As a hardcore gamer i could not have cared less about home now. I will agree when it was being developed i was screaming for joy about it and bashing anyone who was hating on it, but its time for me to admit to my faults.

If it is now being used by people who like sims and second life that is a really small user base, definitely not what sony intended for, they expected many more to use it which is no longer the case.

YES i know ITS FREE that's why it doesnt bother me as much what does bother me is the amount of time, money and man power they invested in making home, i really think it wasn't worth it and if sony was given another chance they would definitely not develop something like this.

acedoh4668d ago

Washington do you really think SONY thinks Home is a failure? They would not be spending as much time in money in it if it didn't work. It's simple economics. Many may not like it but in the end it makes money and I am tending to think it makes a lot of money. Simple $1 or $2 transactions add up quick every day over the period of weeks we are talking about a multi million venture which probably makes a lot more profit than some of the games. Home is not really a place I enjoy but I can see why some do. All you have to do is pay a visit to see there are many who use it everyday.



You kind of have a point, afterall both The Getaway 3 and Eight Days got on hold for the develop team to work on Home.

Is Home worthy more than 2 high production PS3 exclusives? Today I would had said no way, but I can't really blame it on Sony because back in 2007 I would had to agree with 'em, PS3 was giving baby steps and they were looking for a game changer that, at such a point, didn't looked like it would be a game.

The matter was PS3's identity, although well defined as a high tech do-it-all machine for games from the beggining with the offering of BD, multimedia formats reading, wireless capable from the box, 1080p capable from the box, 7.1 capable from the box, and etc, still they were searching for something to differentiate PS3 from 360 which is capable a good part of what PS3 does but usually on a lower level of quality.

Today any gamer you ask will tell you that PS3 strongest point and what really take it apart from Xbox360 is that it has 3, some years 4 times the ammount of high production exclusives than it's competitors, coupled with free online gaming and other directly related to gaming matters. It would be rare to hear people mentioning all the extra features beyond the secondary point.

But back in 2007 we all would believe PS3 should differentiate itself by showing more of it's features and mult capabilities beyond gaming while keeping the game portion just as good, that's why we heard so much articles about Other OS/Linux on PS3 or browser and media format updates back in the day.

Turned out more 2 big games earlier on PS3 life could had made more diffeence than Home.

gamingdroid4668d ago

Home is a financial success, but I still scratch my head at the reason for why anyone would want to be there. The fact that people spend average 70 minutes there a week baffles me!

I guess others could say about the same watching me play video games, but then again I don't care much for Sims or Second Life.

After reading the article, I still don't see the point.

Washington-Capitals4668d ago (Edited 4668d ago )

@acedoh you really think home is making sony money? They invested more then a few million dollars on home. It was in development for over 3 years and they had a team larger then 100 people working on it (SCE - Europe division) Just to pay the salaries, development costs etc have had to totaled to over $50 million and that has made this a failure in financial terms. Not only that YES i have been on home and its no where near the levels it was at even a half a year after it was full functional, id bet there is less then 5 000 people online at any given moment.

And please, the majority of you posting here probably dont even have home installed or have gone on home in a long time. Its ok to agree with a "anti sony" comment, no one will find and kill you, the culture of n4g has to change, right now you just have mindless people thumbing up with anything pro sony and thumbing down anything anti sony even if its minor, factual and correct. Im a pretty big pro sony guy and dislike Microsoft but that doesnt mean im going to become a fanboy.

blumatt4668d ago

If they do decide to make Home the interface for the PS4, then that thing will need some serious RAM, like 4GB or more, which I'm kinda hoping for anyway. 8GB might be closer to what the PS4 will be packing. I just hope they stick with the Cell architecture so Backward Compatiblity won't be an issue again. Also, if they stick with the Cell/SPU architecture, developers will have ZERO excuses for not knowing how to program for it, as it will have been a good 7-8 years since the PS3 has been out by then.

bageara4668d ago (Edited 4668d ago )

wow i had know idea it had that many users , thats big

Redempteur4668d ago

"acedoh you really think home is making sony money? "

you're kidding , right ... didn't you saw how many user and how many paid item there is even if you buy a couple of items because you want something spécial ( for yourself ) that's simple money.

Ot's proven that the model in place in HOME ( dlc insides free games areas like SODIUM or that golf thing ) works !!
After 2 years EVEN more companies realised the potential of HOME AND THEY KEEP coming..

Home is a succès .
-Because it's making money
-Because people keep coming back

Nobody can deny these facts

Washington-Capitals4666d ago

Lol, everyone i offered acedoh my psn id cause he kept sending me messages about how much crap and stuff he has in home and that he was an active user, he call me delusional and runs away, you fanboys on this website are jokes. Just defend sony mindlessly, even though there is no reason to do it.

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Spitfire_Riggz4669d ago

people that are into second life and the sims

GenericUserName4668d ago

ie, people with zero social skills in the real world

acedoh4668d ago

As compared to people who spend 6 plus hours a day playing a shooter online have great social skills.

pixelsword4668d ago

lol ace; that is a thread-ender!

Spitfire_Riggz4668d ago

Well I for one dont have a social life because of my ps3 =P just addicted gamers in general maybe. I sign into it every once in a while. When I first got my ps3 and everyone else had an xbox I used home to make new friends.

UP4669d ago

wow there is a disagree fairy around. and i agree with the reasons mentioned above.

UltimateIdiot9114669d ago

Home is a success. It's not for everyone but it definitely is something a lot of users log onto. I go on Home once in a while just to check out the minigames but I see some use it as a place to meet up and talk.