Call of Duty: Demonic Assassins Sci-Fi Shooter

With the massive demand that continues to grow for the Call of Duty Zombies mode featured in World at War and Black Ops, it seems like the franchise is ready for growth and expansion into new sub-genres. The military first person shooter genre is quite crowded, and COD has its place in it, but a sub-genre of FPS known as the sci-fi shooter is a great place for the expansion of the largely popular Zombies mode in COD. On the App Store platform the Zombies game of COD already has its own standalone title, proving that Activision sees this opportunity and demand.

If Bobby Kotick's talk of making COD expand to the RPG / Adventure was serious, this is Activision's chance.

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Hitman07692867d ago

Dying for something like this to come about and change the game, hope that Sledgehammer Games will make it happen for us and Activision will be better off with this.

Foxgod2867d ago

Doesnt Sledgehammer work on the next MW?
Maybe IW will work on a sci fi COD.

Icey682867d ago

Actually I'm pretty sure Sledgehammer is working on a unique COD game and as for IW they will probably not make another game by themselves considering there are less than 50 of them left now and their leaders are gone.

dkblackhawk502867d ago (Edited 2867d ago )

Call of Duty has always been a big series for the FPS genre, but they have remained very similar, something like this would make sci-fi games compete with the big dog even more so than before

meiamsome2867d ago

I'm down for this and it would be a great expansion on the COD Zombies mode.

Arup022867d ago

This will be just great

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The story is too old to be commented.