Ferrari Challenge Preview

FC goes for a more playable, fun approach. It maintains a reasonable level of realism without being overly punishing or technical. Sitting somewhere between PGR and Gran Turismo, it's easy to play but feels more on the realistic side than Bizarre's all-out arcade racer, with GT-like technical options such as traction control, ABS, and other such things that PGR refuses to deal with.

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NRG4058d ago

Sounds cool. It might be a bit boring driving just Ferraris, even if they ARE Ferraris. Seems like it's almost a lost cause to work on something like this too, in the middle of Forza 2, PGR4, and GT5. Not going to be easy.

ShiftyLookingCow4058d ago

if you can wreck Ferrari cars spectacularly with beautiful looking scenery then it might be interesting but its unlikely

Mooseulator4058d ago

This game sounds like it has a good premise but ive played the old one, and as the guy said it was crazy hard, I'm big on driving games i hope this one can become a good game especially since the PS3 has no driving games.

ferrari3554058d ago

Forza 2 had way too few courses, this will also have quite a few courses on the ps3 version at launch but there will be more on the ps store after launch. Hopefully there will be many courses and a good game. And I think they made the right move when they picked Ferrari.