Project Zune Prototype Revealed

The upcoming media player from Microsoft has been spotted in the wild and shot. Gizmodo has the details:

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BIadestarX5383d ago

I am buying one of these when they come out. I will be giving my nano(I wan't to make clear I am talking about an ipod mp3 player) to wife, and keeping this little xna enabled beast! Grrraahhhuuuu!
Don't be shy Zune; Come to papa sexy beast.

Marriot VP5383d ago

The only conceivable reason for ipod people to buy this is if it had VIDEO and no format block. But I know Microsoft, they'll be one I just hope it will be breakable. I'm loving the screen though, sure it's a lot like the ipod but I still have hopes it'll be an improvement.

Definately won't buy one at 300, 200 maybe. But it must have video, if it doesn't than this isn't a step up. Even better give us the choice.

kewlkat0075383d ago

I'm on my 3rd Ipod...and I think I'm just about done paying for $400 music player that ends up costing me close to $800 in the end.
I used to have a creative nomad 2C with only 256 megs of ram and I was able to change my battery everytime it ran out.

Then I jumped on the ipod instead of the newer creative products. Creative players do sound better tho..I don't know if anyone have had one? They are good with audio and thier players are just as good for the average user. Apply is good at marketing and creating this uphoria about thier products. Besides the product actually doing what it's suppose to do.

Since I'm ready for a new player I will be getting this after I test it and review and all that jazz...These days Companies should work for my hard earned money....I'm no longer the early adopter. I just got smart and have the need to budget now.

kewlkat0075383d ago

MS has a chance to see where the ipod has faild, they should take the oppotunity to advance this player and if they don't..too bad.

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The story is too old to be commented.