First Xbox 360 Fatal Inertia scores: 5.6, 6, 6, 6.8

nspired by combat racing games such as "Mario Kart" this futuristic racing game positively encourages players, gathered around the TV or competing online, to be as devious and imaginative as possible in knocking your rivals out of 1st place. Taking advantage of the extra power that the Xbox 360 provides, Fatal Inertia enables players to bring rock falls down on their opponents, blast through layers of ice to dive into the water below for a sneaky shortcut and totally ruin someone's chance of victory with a little bit of cunning and a whole bunch of ingenious weapons. [KOEI]

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RadientFlux4057d ago (Edited 4057d ago )

Not surprising since it's from Koei

@cloud360 : lack of RPGs doesn't mean Koei is a bad developer, there half-a$$ed attempts at releasing 5 different versions of Dynasty Warriors a year does

cloud3604057d ago

Yeh only becoz Koei Dont make rpgs.

I love every RPG even if its on 360.

Also am really scared, bcoz of this war consumers are losing...
Like in the secret conference if Microsft paid Square-Enix not to create FFVII on ps3 coz it was published by sony so can only be on PS3...

Hope they didnt, i hate hope it makes men weak...

Phantom_Lee4057d ago

Fatal Inertia is not a rpg

omfg_1114057d ago

KOEI suXxX hairy balls!

Bloodmask4057d ago

The only thing they can make is Dynasty Warriors.....and that game is average at best.

Bathyj4057d ago

Well we all knew this was going to happen.

I can remember what a big deal the bots made out of this when PS3 lost this fantastic exclusive, and again when we found out the Xbox version was further ahead then PS3.

I guess they were the only ones who ever cared about this game.

I'm sorry, I dont mean to troll, but they really did make a big deal about it.

RadientFlux4057d ago

fanboys make a big deal about everything

Bolts4057d ago

I guess the Xbox 360 must be hard to develop for.

Bathyj4057d ago

Hey C'mon. This game was gonna suck no matter what system its on. The PS3 version will be no better.

And maybe its not as bad as the score makes out. Reviews seem to be all over the place nowadays.

The best idea would be, play the demo. If you hate that you'll probably hate the game and vice versa.

SofaKingReetodded4057d ago

fighting, arguing and taunting over what is yet another turd of a game.


Hayabusa 1174056d ago (Edited 4056d ago )

Yeah, I recall what the XBox fanboy's said about Fatal Inertia BEFORE it went to the 360...they said it would be crap. Sony fanboy's said otherwise. Fatal Inertia goes 360, so the XBots laughed, and the Sony droids yelled hypocrisy.

Well, I have played the demo of Fatal inertia, and I definitely won't be buying it.

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gEnKiE4057d ago

Why was their any hype to this game? This game never seemed like it was going to be anything special.....the scores don't surprise me at all...

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