Retrospective Review: Uncharted: Drake's Fortune

GameSector writes: Uncharted 3 has been officially announced with a trailer that premiered at the Spike Video Game Awards. This new IP has come a long way to becoming the success story it is today. Back in 2007 Sony and Naughty Dog released Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune, a game that was very much needed to convince people to go out and buy a PS3. Obviously it succeeded and is giving us 2 sequels, but was Drake’s Fortune that good of a game or was it just the only option available for PS3 gamers?

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Cajun Chicken2920d ago

This game is still brilliant. Uncharted signified to me when the next gen had begun and other developers have only started achieving similar graphics and animation just recently. That's how far ahead Naughty Dog is, every time a game of theirs comes out they shake up the whole industry. They've never failed me, not once.

gunnerforlife2920d ago

amazing game!! still beats most multiplat Games to this day in the Graphics Factor as well as fun Factor!

Washington-Capitals2920d ago (Edited 2920d ago )

Correction, "next gen" started when Metal Gear Solid 4 came out.

EDIT: Ok why the disagrees without responses? Am i wrong in saying that? Uncharted 1 has nothing on MGS4 which along with UC2 are the best two games of this generation. There is a reason why MGS4 is still the highest selling ps3 exclusive of all time.

Pumbli2920d ago (Edited 2920d ago )

Washington-Capitals - I think the disagrees came because he said "to me". You can't say that he's wrong in thinking that.

This gen personally really started for me when I played Resistance Fall of Man.

To each his own.

Anderson82920d ago


why are you crying over disagrees man, the features there so you dont have to post a comment response every time you disagree with some1 else.. learn to live with it

Rocket Sauce2920d ago

It's probably because you're being a sucka, sucka.

NateCole2920d ago

But seriously.

Does anyone know or have any clue why this game didn't get 90+ on meta?. Just a question. Only IGN i know of that it it PS3 game of the year even over COD4.

Is it the lack of MP?. Some one said it is short but to me it wasn't as it was a good 12 hours for my first play through.

@Washington-Capitals. Uncharted came out in 2007. MGS4 is in 2008. MGS4 is really is something else.

RedDevils2920d ago

I know yeah people just need a grips so they stop bitching everytime they get a disagree

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Philoctetes2920d ago

This game is still awesome. I actually prefer Drakes Fortune to UC2 in terms of gameplay, but that's just me.

BattleAxe2920d ago

I liked the atmosphere of the old Columbian ruins and the mossy/ rocky lush jungle environments.

NateDrake2920d ago

Much alike BattleAxe, I preferred the environments. However, I feel U2 improved upon the games foundation and improved the gameplay a fair amount.

Dark General2920d ago

I don't prefer the gameplay of Uncharted 1 to 2 but I prefer everything else from U1 over U2. Characters, dialog, focus, pacing, plot and narrative structure. Uncharted 2 had far better gameplay and better graphical style. However Drakes Fortune in my opinion had a better original vision and soul than Among Thieves. Both were undoubtable great games though.

fr0sty2920d ago

so funny that this game got pretty mediocre reviews for what it was, back in the day when it was in style to hate on the ps3 in the media (still is to a degree, but nowhere near as bad). back then ps3 couldn't make a 9 or 10 on the review score regardless of how good the game actually was. so many older ps3 games that are totally underrated.

Marquis_de_Sade2920d ago

"Pretty mediocre reviews"

What? Since when is a metacritic of 88 anywhere close to mediocre?

acky12920d ago

To gamers nowadays anything lower than 9/10 is FAIL apparently.

Really, there is no scale and review scores are meaningless.

Anyhoo, Uncharted was fantastic...should be one of the games this generation is remembered for.

Rocket Sauce2920d ago

Everyone did jump on the bandwagon hardcore when Uncharted 2 came out. I wonder how many people played the sequel without playing Drake's Fortune first.

Dark General2920d ago

It's not that 88 is a bad score, that isn't it at all. For me and a lot of others we feel that Uncharted: Drakes Fortune never got the acclaim it was due back in 2007. Sure it's nice that Among Thieves finally got that acknowledgement but it's still a shame how overlooked Uncharted 1 was.

DigitalAnalog2920d ago (Edited 2920d ago )

Mediocre reviews does not necessarily mean reviews giving a certain score. Let's say for example a Platform A's exclusive got 95% on metacritic compared to Platform B's exclusive which got 85%. By no means 85% is a mediocre score but if you compare between the two 85% is pretty "mediocre" compared to 95%.

You catch my drift?

-End of Line

fr0sty2919d ago

exactly. back then, when a AAA 360 game came out, reviews were focused on singing it's praises, whereas they were a hell of a lot tougher on ps3 games, picking them apart for every little flaw they could mention to bring that score down one more notch. Uncharted wasn't perfect, nor was 2, but both in my eyes are 2 of the finest games ever released. Uncharted 2's case boasts of 25 perfect review scores... and while U1 does not have the awesome multiplayer mode 2 does, it still deserved a good bit of the praise it's successor got. It brought a heck of a lot to the table, such as actual professional acting in game (it had been done before, but not by EVERY CHARACTER, though heavenly sword did quite well also), some of the sharpest textures seen in a console game ever, some of the best character models in a console game ever, excellent pacing and storytelling, and just enough of everything to keep it from seeming repetitive. And it's environments... If I had a dime for every time I had to stop in that game and pan the camera around, i'd be rich. (especially during the submarine part, when on the cliff behind the waterfall looking over the landscape. the birds flying around actually cast shadows on the falling water while the rays of sunlight passed through).

That game didn't get anywhere near the praise it deserved.

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ArchangelMike2920d ago

Too true, look at all the devs that are making their games more cinematic. Can't wait for Uncharted 3!!!

djreplay2920d ago

Just got platinum on this last week.

PS3Freak2920d ago

I got it in 2008. When trophies first became available I worked my ass of to get the platinum. Instantly hooked on both trophies, and the Uncharted series.

NateDrake2920d ago

Drake’s Fortune is still one of my favourite PS3 games to date, the franchise is probably one of my favourite of all time.

visualb2920d ago (Edited 2920d ago )

I enjoyed some locations and aspects of this game more than Uncharted 2, its just shorter, more dense and more straight forward which I enjoyed a lot =)

great game, just a little low on content since it was quite short, but one of the more fun experiences of this gen for sure.

Unbornkirkster192920d ago

when you say content wise, do you mean mulitplayer? Because you can unlock the mode to completely change the game world around which made it almost a completely different experience the second time through, you could also change the visual of the it aswell.
I just thought id let you know in case you didnt...

Just beat Uc2 last night for the second time and I cant seem to get enough of that game, its amazing.

visualb2919d ago

I totally mean content.

everything, from multiplayer to co-op to (as you stated) tinkering tools, and above all a longer SP

uncharted 2 IS over all a better game content wise, but uncharted 1 was still awesome =)

then again, I platted uncharted 2 =D, but not uncharted yet, mainly because 1 thing I DO prefer from uncharted is hard/crushing mode is vastly HARDER than uncharted 2's =)

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