TVGB Review: Kung-Fu Live

TVGB: "Kung-Fu Live comes at a bit of an odd time. While Sony are pushing their PlayStation Move controller and Microsoft do the same for Kinect, here’s a PSN exclusive that uses only the PlayStation Eye to play; you’d think it would either throw in support for the PS3′s motion controller or have come to the 360.

The idea of Kung-Fu Live is putting you in the game, projecting your image onto the screen and letting you lay into ninjas and thugs through a range of levels. It’s a neat idea that kids will get a kick out of, but setting up the game properly is like being repeatedly kicked in the face before you’ve even started to play."

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Daves2865d ago

- Requires too much out of your living space to play.

Sure I have read that before somewhere? Hmmm.