The BrutalGamer 2010 Awards: Best Handheld Game and Best Downloadable Game

A bit of a surprise this year as mobile games dominate the handheld top three, with only one entry from a more traditional console. The future has spoken. Well….maybe.

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moosehound2868d ago

Still torn between Super Meat Boy and Limbo for downloadable GOTy.. of an Joe Danger too... so many great titles this year...

NecrumSlavery2868d ago

My Downloadable GOTY goes to DeathSpank. I just can't help but to love that game. Scott Pilgrim was also another really great game. Both needed online Co-Op though.

moosehound2867d ago

I picked up Deathspank on release and have still not played it ! It's on my list "todo" along with Scott Pilgrim and Shadow Complex ;)