Ni no Kuni (DS) Unboxing + first 15mins of the game

Here you can see the unboxing of the japanese version of Ni No Kuni for de DS and the first 15 minutes of the game. Its an amazin videogame.

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NecrumSlavery2894d ago

Wow, I want this game on DS, I want that awesome book, and I can't wait to play this on PS3 witht the Move. I am so blown away. A 50 hour game with 100% voice work on the DS! Amazing...!!!!!

Neckbear2894d ago (Edited 2894d ago )

How do you know it's a 50 hour game?

Well, anyways, that aside, has the PS3 version been confirmed to play with Move yet? If I'm not wrong, the Demo build from TGS used the DualShock 3, albeit that's understandable, since Move wasn't out yet by then.

Ah well, on-topic with the video: DAT BOOK.

jack_burt0n2894d ago (Edited 2894d ago )

what!!!!! move!? really when was that disclosed?

these vids are great plenty of sniffing :)

seriously if they bundle this with move in japan it will sell soooo much!

NecrumSlavery2894d ago

Woah! Relax peeps.

1. The video said that this game is a 50hour minimum game complete with full voice dialog.

2. I assume that the PS3 version will use Move like the DS version uses the stylus. This isn't confirmed but after seeing the Sorcery "DEMO", it make perfect sence. The PS3 version shown was only a DS3 used demo, but the final version could very well use the Move, and I think it should.

ALSO @ NeckBear,
DAT BOOK is awesome. I don't know what edition this is, but it feels like the book is crucial to being succesful with the game. I hope the book comes with the PS3 version too.

Neckbear2894d ago (Edited 2894d ago )

The bix box with the book is actually the normal edition; the only one available of the game. This is comparable to a 40-60$ release here in the US.

Also, there were a few rumours stating that it would use Move optionally; as you said, it would fit the game, at least for the spell casting.

About the book, I don't know if the PS3 version will come with one or not; however, if the game's released in NA, I honestly doubt we'd get the book in our shores, sadly.

Games here cost less, and you know, there's also the whole deal of publishers wanting to make as much money as possible, going to such extents of placing a two-pages manual in a game. A 200-something pages book shipped with a game would probably be a no-go.

jc485732894d ago

No way you can complete the game 100% w/o some sort of book. I still remember Rogue Galaxy's huge guide.

stuntman_mike2894d ago

absolutley awesome i do so want. 1 thing tho if and when it gets released eu/us i really hope they keep the hard back book and excellent packaging, and dont make it on the cheap, like making the book paperback or some crap like that. i want full on hardback book...yeah hardcore.

stuntman_mike2894d ago

PS3 version also looking awesome...shine get!!

zu4G2894d ago

i'll go for
ps3 version for sure

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