PS3 - The Meat Between the Sandwich

How does Sony prevent PS3 from becoming the meat between the sandwich in the ongoing console wars. Latest sales trends indicate that Wii and Xbox360 will at a proportionate rate keep outselling Ps3, at least in the near future.

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Bloodmask4061d ago (Edited 4061d ago )

this year. With the Wii at a pricepoint of $250 and the 360 starting at just $280. PS3 just can't compete with the $500 dollar price tag. And when all the 60 gigs are gone it could be $600 again.

Not to mention 360 has a far larger and more diverse games catalog. Price and games selection are very important to consumers. Wii and and the 360 will be very attractive to consumers this Holiday.

Plus the 2 consoles flagship titles are being released this year. Halo 3 and Super Mario Galaxy. Most of Sony's big games are new IP's that most likely won't move consoles as well as established IP's such as Mario and Halo.

GameOn4061d ago

It's better to describe the 360 as the meat between the sandwich.
It's in the middle price wise and and has the best game selection for now. so yeh for now the 360 is the meatylicious part of the sandwich, the best bit.

demolitionX4061d ago

Please don't say that...LOL 360 has more diverse, what diverse u're talking about, all are FPS?????!!!!!!!! please don't go through that as PS has the most diverse linup of games. u guys keep on talking crap, we'll c u next year? love my PS3

GameOn4061d ago

you cant say 360 games are all FPS.
The 360 catalogue IS diverse it covers a whole load of genres. Now im not saying its more diverse than the ps3 like Bloodmask because i dont know if it is, But it IS diverse.

johnnywit4061d ago


They had an article on here not to long ago showing that only 20% of 360 games are FPS's. So, when people like you keep saying that the 360 only has FPS's it makes your intelligence appear to be lower than normal.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI4061d ago

Wit, most games on the 360 which weren't Sports or FPS weren't really the that great. Face it from what I saw so far 360 only has a few good games which aren't sports or FPS.

neogeo4061d ago

bla bla bla.

the ps3 is less than a year old. what do guys think? that everybody will immediately buy one?

give it some time … and games … and a price cut.


bennyace4061d ago

At least the 360 HAS games !! We don t always wait and wait and wait get the picture! And when a game worth the wait comes out it a disappointment! it s weird how the Playstation fans , all of a sudden change there way of thinking. When the ps2 was out all the fanboys bragged about how they had tons of game to choose from now their claiming that they like quality over quantity. That's a change!!!

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eLiNeS4061d ago

Whats up with all the Google ads? It's hard to find any story here. Terrible layout!!!

Zhuk4061d ago

For 2007 PS3 will be the 'Meat in the Sandwich', you have a console that is far more expensive than its competitors and has no big titles to challenge the holiday lineup of the 360 or Wii and its two biggest titles Lair and Heavenly Sword were not as good as we were told.

2007 is an important holiday, so important that Sony's failure to set itself apart from its competitors this holiday season might mean it will be the 'meat' for the forseeable future, sealing its own fate thanks to disastrous decisions on Sony's part.

ktchong4061d ago (Edited 4061d ago )

Sony/PS3 is also fighting HD DVD on the HD format front, and HD DVD has gained a powerful ally: China.

Here comes the Chinese march...

Sony is just like the old Japan back in WWII that was fighting multiple enemies from multiple fronts (i.e., the US, the USSR, China, the old Alliance.)

ktchong4061d ago

In addition, I'm reading news that Tivo is going to join the war against Sony on another front... because PS3, by incorporating Tivo features, has stepped on Tivo's toes and into Tivo's territory. Tivo is now being forced to respond...

the new Alliance, to bring down Sony.

Sony is running out of money and resources fighting so many enemies at once.

jay34061d ago

Shouldn't it be "Meat between the bread" ?

Kenshin_BATT0USAI4061d ago

Stop using logic. You will hurt people's head.

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