VGA's: Where is Nintendo?

The Video Game Awards: arguably the biggest event for video game enthusiasts. The event brings the stars of the gaming industry to thousands of viewers annually. Video games are honoured, comedians bring their A-game, and gamers are given their first glimpses of upcoming releases. The VGA's is ultimately an incredible event for the industry; promotions and premiers of new video games are common. Why weren't Nintendo games featured?

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NecrumSlavery2865d ago

Nintendo may be waiting for CES 2011. But I don't think the VGAs is the place for Nintendo, unless the next Wii game is a COD exlcusive that is.

Dark_Charizard2865d ago (Edited 2865d ago )

You know I hate those pics with the grand parents and soccer moms playing. That's why I bought a black Wii, so that I can differentiate my self as hardcore :P

badz1492865d ago

I guess M$ didn't get your vision at all! when the 360 was hardcore, it was white but when got 'Kinect'ed, they went black!

Darth_Bane792865d ago

COD is controlled by M$ money. Their biggest amount of users are on that console, and plus you have all the advertising money M$ has shoved up Bobby Kotick's ass.

demonddel2865d ago

man shut ur stupid ass up with that shit

badz1492865d ago

dude, look at the bigger picture and you'll see that it's actually Kotick who rules! more than half of XBL traffic is for CoD thus M$ has to bend over and add the extra $10 for what seems to be "nothing"!

Darth_Bane792865d ago

Well, in a way you make sense. M$ has to give Kotick money if they don't want Craptivision to put as much or more advertisement and support on PS3, so if you look at it that way, Craptivision does have M$ by the balls.

ShadowJetX2865d ago

Kotick is controlled by money, and cod is controlled by kotick, so in a sense, M$ controls cod to a certain extent.

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Darth_Bane792865d ago

PFFT.. That show is pretty much a POS. And besides, the show is concentrated on american market only, so anything besides Mario and Donkey Kong gets pushed aside. How is there gonna be an RPG nomination without FFXIII being even mentioned? (Not winning, just mentioned). And what about best female character? Was there even a mention? Did they totally forget about Samus or Bayonnetta? What about Resident Evil 5? Super Street Figher IV? No where to be seen... Pretty biased show if you ask me.. Hell! They didn't even mention the Move! NPH only talked about the Kinect at the beggining of the show.. .. If that's not Biased then I dont know what it is..

guzman2865d ago (Edited 2865d ago )

VGA and Spike are the laughing stock of their respective fields. The highest rated game this year, Super Mario Galaxy 2, wasn't even nominated. The VGAs stink of lowest common denominator marketing and that means focusing on red meat eating, American bro-gaming cretins. Ever wonder why videogames aren't taken seriously by the media/public? It's shit like Spike's VGAs that set perceptions of gaming and it's culture back 10 years.

demonddel2865d ago

its america tv what u expect im sure asia and europe focus on there market

R0me2865d ago (Edited 2865d ago )

I really really wondered nobody mentioned Heavy Rain. Wtf.
No category for this masterpiece.

Best female character: Madison Paige / Jacqui Ainsley

Just remember her doing all the scenes which you saw Madison do. All the scenes she did in real life, even the toilet scene.
Man if thats not worth an award i dont know...

badz1492865d ago

GoTY 2010 but not until Dec 31st! WTF? and their sheer hatred towards Nintendo is amusing. I'm no fan of Mario but SMG2 should at least get nominated for GoTY!

I'm not saying RDR is crap because it's a great game but winning GoTY without being the best on any it even logical? and the best game on Wii is not even a contender of GoTY? they are being too inconsistent. the reveals are ok though but the awards? too inconsistent to be taken seriously!

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kungfuian2865d ago

At home counting there money :)

Vesemir2865d ago (Edited 2865d ago )

I'm sure Nintendo's boss will be able to buy his ticket to Mars and save his ass from being cooked, since this planet earth will burn in the next years.

The heat is unbearable right now, something is very wrong with this world. We are doomed.

JakemanPS319942865d ago

what are u talking about its freazing cold wher i live also we just had a snow storm 2 days befor thanksgiving! that never happens!

R2D22865d ago

I feel you dude - its 94 degrees here and for some reason the birds are dieing.

One more year and we are all gone.

Killman2865d ago

The shitload of snow here would love to say otherwise. Also, that was off-topic.

OT: The show was too damn predictable. Shitty award, shitty joke, shitty celebrity, repeat.

George Sears2865d ago

Nintendo are prolly the only ones that are decent enough to know how much the award show sucks.

eagle212865d ago

Thank you George Sears!!! :)

Nintendo is like........huh?.....VGA's ?..meh.

Theoneneo812865d ago

The VGA's are Like a car Reck there Horrible but you always find a way to watch them.

Shok2865d ago

Nintendo knows the VGA's are garbage lol. They didn't even have SMG2 as a GOTY nominee. The VGA's don't like Nintendo, so Nintendo don't like the VGA's.

But seriously, Nintendo has always been known for it's secrecy. The only times they announce new games is at E3 and the Nintendo conference they have each Fall. VGA's must not interest them as they feel that it's not the place to announce something.

Darth_Bane792865d ago

I think that as long as the VGAs keep trying to be a hollywood mtv-ish show, they are not gonna receive the respect and support they want from the gaming industry and from the fans.
This event would have been handled a whole lot better by G4 than by Spike.

Dreassic2865d ago

Just don't let Morgan "Manjaws" Webb host it, or else she will jsut rant against anything Nintendo anyway.

Maybe whine about Samus Aran some more

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