Ten Problems to Solve for The PS4 and Next XBox

Player Affinity writes: "Sony have been talking about their ten year lifespan for the PS3 from day one, and Microsoft have suggested Kinect will add another five years to the Xbox 360’s life. But even so, as the 360 celebrates its fifth birthday the current consoles are starting to show their age, and behind closed doors both Sony and Microsoft must be at the stage of starting to think very seriously about what comes next. So, here is a list of ten things both companies will, or at least should, be thinking about when designing their next consoles."

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BeOneWithTheGun2864d ago (Edited 2864d ago )

I would like point out that the "4GB" hard drive (as noted by the author) is not a hard drive at all, rather, a flash drive. Anyone who owned the Slim 4GB and tried to play split screen coop on Halo knows this all too well.

Marketing must have "forgotten" to tell us consumers who purchased this Slim, specifically for Halo that it would not work for split screen coop. That it would be required to buy an external hard drive.

Craigslist soon after had a listing for a 360 slim in Spokane, WA.

CombineElite2864d ago

4 GB HDD what a joke when I got a 32 GB flash Drive on my keyring.

If console makers wanna increase their cash flow NEXT GO ROUND they need to ditch the disc and boxes by going all digital. Cloud gamings real uses are in downloading and Digital Distribution. Steam does it the best so M$ and Sony should be taking notes.

Anything over a $500 price tag will force gamers to say screw that I can get a PC and play better games plus do everything a console can do and more with free online gameplay.

Ducky2864d ago (Edited 2864d ago )

... That's going to put off a lot of people that don't necessarily plan to be plugged into the net at all times.

For those that have looked past the tag in the current gen, I doubt they'd switch over in the next-gen.


500 bucks by the time next consoles release won't get you a PC that can put out what consoles do, just like at the beggining of this gen... And online gaming is free already on PS3, probably will be too on next Xbox.

The only thing they need to get right next gen is HDD space. You can't buy stuff online, download videos and other hype makers to you console if you don't have space. Also, both consoles can loose some space with install right now, imagine next gen... A simple update on HDDs won't do, they should use 1TB SSDs just to be sure and make it really fast (making the data installation that much more efficient)... Maybe, just maybe, be done with controllers by release so you don't add a new controller late on and fragment the user base (if they will use motion controls, bring those bundled right next to the gamepad from the start).

Everything else is just natural evolution for this consoles... Bigger discs, better CPU/GPU, better memory, stronger chipset, better cooling (as in design that favour airflow, not just the cooler itself, and that is for both MS and Sony), better security (as in for age restrain, self defense from malware, virus and what not, security against piracy), capable of better definition sound/image, improving existing features (browser, streaming, multimedia... maybe get back on that other OS idea and, but instead of OTHER OS, use the SAME OS, just give it some more PC functions).

I think it's too soon to discuss this, those consoles don't look like going anywhere soon, maybe that's the reason I can't see much to upgrade on consoles right now beyond the basics.

Lightsaber2864d ago

Most of those are stupid idea or they will just never do it. No disc not going to happen with the next system. It will that at least 2 more gens before they get to that but they will do more and more DLC. 3D gaming 3D will probably be dead before the next systems come out. BC why would they ever do that when the can just put them out as DLC and have you buy the games all over again. Same with number 2. I could pull a better better list then that out of my ass

HolyOrangeCows2864d ago

"10. Cloud gaming"
Why own HARDWARE if you're going to stream blurry video and have poor response times (Even if you have the greatest connection on the planet, you're still going to have response time issues)?

"9. Improving classic controller designs"
I agree with his comments. Better the designs, but don't try to revolutionize.

"8. Better heat removal"
Yes, in general make the launch console well-polished. No more 20-50% failure rates, for goodness' sakes.

"7. DVD, Blu-Ray or Neither"
We've already seen that most consumers don't want all digital. And as Microsoft has shown, it's important to keep the initial costs cheap to get the sale (Tiny "harddrive" of 4GB, for instance). And who the heck wants to download up to 50GB of game? Blu-ray or an equivalent, or else GTFO.

"6. 3D support for all games"
Yes please. And hopefully I have a 3dTV by the PS4 era, lol.

"5. Backward compatibility"

"3. Carrying across Trophies and Gamerscore" "2. Existing PSN and Xbox Live games"
I don't think Sony or Microsoft are about to scrap PSN or LIVE, so I'm not worried.

-Don't make me pay a game's worth of money every year to play online.
-Don't release a limp launch console or remove features along the way. Set a standard, set it high.
-Better launch titles. Give me a reason to WANT the thing.

nickjkl2864d ago

lol thats not going to work your basically killing game stop and eb games and every other game store

its the reason a lot of stores dont sell pspgo

why sell hardware that doesnt require people to buy software when software is what gets you by

AAACE52864d ago

@CombineElite... I hate to hurt your feelings, but you are a bit delusional!

The 4 Gb is a memory card built in for $200. Cloud gaming has one very big problem that you are overlooking... and that's the fact that people will be stuck with whatever they buy! This will lead to people buying fewer games and primarily buying only games that get great reviews. I like being able to trade my games when i'm done with them, and I assume a lot of other people do as well... otherwise, stores like Gamestop wouldn't still be around!

I don't think either company will make the same mistake of coming out with a console that cost over $400 next gen. The high price of the 360 and even higher price of the Ps3 cannot be justified to people who just want to play games and don't care about all the extra stuff. That allowed the Wii to gain it's current position.

I'm sorry, but the PC can run games to look better, but in no way does it have better games! Especially when games are being judged, PC games aren't even nominated with the big boys! Not to mention the upgrading and extra crap in dealing with a PC!

Every genre has been fully takes away from PC gaming except MMO, RTS, FPS and AO gaming!

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gamingdroid2864d ago (Edited 2864d ago )

Your could just have popped in an external hard drive and be on your way of playing Halo split screen.

At the price point for the 4GB Xbox 360 there really isn't another competitor that offers as much. You get what you pay for or you could have just bought the 250GB Xbox 360 from the outset...

Rage_S902864d ago

its a matter of principle

gamingdroid2864d ago (Edited 2864d ago )

I'm not sure what principle you are trying to make, but is there another console that can do HD gaming for $200 MSRP?

My point being, sure it isn't everything you want in it, but it still represents a good value compared to the competition at it's price point. You can't get a cheap console without giving up something!

BeOneWithTheGun2864d ago (Edited 2864d ago )

Well, I literally only had 200 bucks. The only games I wanted were Halo, Fable and Gears. So, no, I did not want to drop another 100 bucks on a hard drive just to play Halo. It pissed me off so I sold it. Should never have bought it in the first place but lessons learned.

EDIT: I also own a PS3. I had bought a launch 360 on day 1. Went through 4 of them over a couple years. Once the last one died I swore off MS and bought the MGS bundle in June 2008.

I been playing PS3 then finally broke down because I really do like Halo and Fable and Gears had not been pushed out yet. So, my kid who loves halo could not play with me and after 1 hour of Fable (it sucked really, really bad) I sold the unit.

What pisses me off is I should never have bought it. $200 is $200. Getting it home and set up and both my kid and I all excited and going to the load screen and getting the "no HDD detected" message ruined it. Nowhere did I read that the 4g didnt have a REAL HDD. MS didn't tell me. Bungie said nothing on the cover of the game (BTW, out the 60 for that) so yea, its a matter of principal.

I worked hard for my cash and feel I got the shaft.

gamingdroid2864d ago

Fair enough. It is your right and it is up to you. I'm just telling you a simple way to fix it and that for the price you paid, there is nothing on the market that can compete.

By the way I'm not judging you, but if you only have "literally" $200 then you probably shouldn't be buying a console when you have children to feed....

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HOTA9X2864d ago

As long as I get to keep my trophies and my I.D, ill be happy.

NecrumSlavery2864d ago (Edited 2864d ago )

Agreed. When you are gaming on the Playstation 6 or the Xbox 2160, you should still be able to keep all your history. But those features should update as well, just keep them archived.

Enate2864d ago (Edited 2864d ago )

I feel you HOTA9X and my next thing if not first has to be. The heat issues gotta go, after having the YLOD on mine and my brothers system it is not a pleasant experience. Also knowing several other heavy gamers/ early adopters on my list who went through the same thing some twice.

Having to dish out $150 was last thing I wanted to hear when calling customer service.

Arup022864d ago

Free Xbox live solves everything.

ThanatosDMC2864d ago (Edited 2864d ago )

Why's he getting disagrees? Oh well, i kinda pressed it by accident...

never_waste_a_bullet2864d ago

A Console with a ton of games and upgradeable parts.. oh wait that's a PC

just get a PC

kaveti66162864d ago

console lovers are generally not good with technology. they are easily annoyed by their own ignorance at dealing with relatively simple problems.

Invariably, someone will respond to this by saying that they are good with PCs but prefer consoles. To which I say, I said "generally."

Cevapi882864d ago

you could own a console and still understand the capabilities of a PC without using it mainly as a gaming say generally, but your statement itself is ignorant as make a broad statement, but unless you have witnessed countless console owners bitching about technology then your point is invalid

Venatus-Deus2864d ago

Errr or it could be that most console owners can't or don't want a computer sitting under their TV's in their living room.

I think it's generally accepted that most people now know how to work a computer (included my 72 year old grandmother) Kaveti6616, but then your not exactly known for your insightful comments.


Ok Kaveti, so tell me oh enlightned PC user, how do I play the latest God Of War, Uncharted, Mario, Metal Gear, ICO, Zelda, Halo, Forza, Gran Turismo, Perfect Dark, Killzone and other of the many console exclusives I want a lot more than Farmville on this nice machine of yours? Please tell me... What you mean by wait 5~10 years for an stable emulator?

The problem with you snobs is that sometimes you just don't understand it's all about the games. Some of us don't care to have 1000 bucks self mounted/modded machine to compare benchmarks with friends, some of us can't care less if PC have oh so many extra functionalities that we don't use. Many of us GAMERS just want to play some specific GAMES.

PC can have more games, but most of us don't care about Farmville... 99%of PC game that is on the level of high production console games are console multiplatforms also.

And the reason why most PC exclusive games won't match console games in quality is quite simple, there is no interested part in pushing them out beyond the ones making the game. There is no PC format owner worried that PC need to have some exclusive great games to be atop of competition. Just devs/publihers that are already using a PC to develop games for Consoles thinking "hey, we already have that, we could make some quick buck".

Consoles on the other hand, it's format owners hord developers to make something called 1st party studios (seriously, google it up as you snobs probably aren't familiarized with the term) which develop most of the top games this industry had seen in all its years, bringing appeal to its platforms while PC platform does nothing about it and keep losing it's mojo and PC gamers keep being treated as second class citizens.

I would believe a bunch of eggheads, so superior than us dumb console lovers, would know all that already and save themselves the embarrassment.

Seriously now, there is nothing wrong on playing in PC, it has it's great poinsts as in user created/developed content (mods, servers, etc) but I'm sick to the stomach of this kind of self entitled snob so full of himself you just portrayed there Kaveti. Assuming most people don't play on PC like you because they are ignorant is almost as sad as your past comment history... Almost.

jwk942864d ago

PC's are nice, but i wouldn't own one for gaming, it just doesn't appeal to me.

DaCajun2864d ago

If you don't want a computer sitting under or near your tv then you would get rid of you PS3 or Xbox360 because both are computers but with a specific task. Just like a calculator is a computer, which means it does computations.

Gotta love all the different platform fanboys, stop arguing like mindless little kids and just enjoy all the games that all platforms have not just limit yourself to one when their are good games on all.

Stop being a fanboy and become a gamer!!!

Enate2864d ago (Edited 2864d ago )


I get what you are saying but you know what he ment when he said computer be honest. Also I really wish people would stop using the word limit. I play on PS3/PC because I choose to and I am not missing a thing I want to play. An yes I prefer to play most of games on my PS3. I use my PC for games like SCII, Civ V, MMO's, FSX, ME1 and currently ME2, Killing Floor and so on.

To be honest I haven't really gamed at all on my PC recently. Just hasn't been anything I care to play on it at the moment. Been playing GT5, NBA2k11, Ultimate Ninja Storm 2, Hawx 2 and Assassins Creed Brotherhood on my PS3. That's just the way things are going right now. I'm sure whenever Diable III comes out I'll be all over that.

Sarcasm2864d ago

Do people forget that a PC is also a computer? It can do a whole lotta things that a console couldn't do. I don't have to list it because it's fairly obvious.

Ducky2864d ago (Edited 2864d ago )

@ Bishop-br

A PC doesn't cost $1000 unless if you're buying pre-built. In which case, you're doing it wrong. (A snob comment on my part)

Quality doesn't always come from a push towards profit (if anything, you'll find the opposite to be true).
I believe that firms such as NaughtyDog and Polyphony release good games because they have a passion for gaming. That's the important part. Being paid is just a perk of doing what they love.
The same is true for PC. There's many developpers that show a passion through their games and mods. There's a huge market on steam as well... and no 99% of the high-quality games aren't multiplatform.

... Neither do 1st party developpers create the most high quality games.
They might be more consistent in their quality, but there are an equal number of high-quality third party games as well.
If you're going to call someone a snob, then try not to make snobbish comments yourself.

Although I'll agree that people pick consoles due to exclusives. It's a personal preference.
That being said, there is a technological barrier on PCs, and that does put off some people from gaming on it. It's a combination of factors, not just one.

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Mista T2864d ago

it's obvious that the ps4 should have party/private cross game chat

snoopgg2864d ago

should have free online!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Paying to play sucks arse.

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