An In-Depth Look at Motorstorm: Apocalypse's Iconic Skyline

The twisted bridges and ravaged skyscrapers of Motorstorm: Apocalype, Evolution Studios’ latest PS3 title, are sure to become violently addictive playgrounds for racing fans. Though previous screens and footage have focused on racing on the streets or through sewers and subway tracks, Evolution has decided to clue us in on what it’s like to survive on a level called Skyline.

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remanutd553493d ago

gameplay video i saw from an interview really impressed me , looks really chaotic , LUNATICS UNITE!!!

DJ3493d ago

I hope this is the Motorstorm that gets the masses interested in the series. It's so underrated, and the poor sales of Pacific Rift was disappointing. I'm intrigued that they're actually weaving a narrative into these races. Sony needs to market the hell out of this game.